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How to Tell if Mole is Cancerous?

I was noticing a little brown mole on my skin, and I stupidly thought it was something else so I picked it off. It went really red and it has swollen... READ MORE

Mole Removal for a 6 Year Old?

My daughter has a mole in her hair line that is flat but seems to be getting larger in diameter (it is a flat, dark mole). She is only 6 and is... READ MORE

Could a raised skin colored mole be melanoma? (photo)

Had a mole on the top of my head for about 5 years now. I noticed it with my first pregnancy. It has grown alot in 5 years. Bigger than the end of a... READ MORE

I have a Becker's nevus on my shoulder.

I have a Becker's nevus on my shoulder. There is no hair, the skin is smooth & normal. I've tried Yag Q switch laser years ago to try to remove... READ MORE

After laser for mole removal my new skin is still not flat, what can I do?

I went for laser for my upper lip mole but it's been six months and new skin on that area is not flat. My doc gave me 2-3 injection on that area but... READ MORE

Is this normal? I had a mole removed from outside of my right calf. (photos)

It has been 8 days. Surrounding skin is red, itchy and a bit swollen. The stitches are in place and clean. Is this normal? Thank you for your answer... READ MORE

Should I get this mole removed? (photos)

I have always had a mole in this particular spot, but recently it has gotten very dark. Before, it almost blended in with the rest of my skin, just... READ MORE

Wanting to remove moles from face- Is LASER an option?

Some moles are flat while some of these are raised making my skin ugly... i am very conscious about my skin as it is fair and is very sensitive as... READ MORE

Is that a mole at an early stage? How to identify them. (photos)

I'm 21.I have developed fear of moles.I have had 2 small skin coloured raised moles on my face in the past 3 I suspect every bump to be a... READ MORE

Should laser mole removal pock the skin? What should my skin look like after laser mole removal? (photos)

I had moles removed by laser today. The ones on the front of my face were done so deep I have pock/holes, and they have been bleeding still slightly... READ MORE

My small black mole just became raised, is swollen and hurts. I don't remember scratching it. (Photos)

I got a mole on br back of my hand maybe a year or so ago. It was always flat and fairly smooth like a freckle. In the past several days, it has... READ MORE

Is this what my skin should look like after a mole/skin tag removal? (photo)

My primary doctor removed a very small, mole/skin tag on my right side so I figured it would heal quickly. She froze it with a spray for about 15-20... READ MORE

What does this skin biopsy report mean on a Mole Removal?

I have undergo a skin biopsy (for a mole at my back) and report finding are ""skin biopsy shows an unremarkable epidermis and dermis ...No nervous is... READ MORE

Is swelling 4 days post Melanoma Removal normal?

I had a melanoma removed from my neck on Tuesday and had over 40 stitches. It is now Friday and it has started to swell today. What should I do? I... READ MORE

Home mole removal tore a small portion of my skin and caused redness outside. (photo)

Fastest way to heal/hide?I was trying a home remedy (baking soda and vinegar) to get rid of a mole and ended up tearing off a portion of my skin. What... READ MORE

Is it normal for my mole removal to look the way it does?

I had a mole removal 5 days ago, shaved and cauterised and a white /yellow layer of skin keeps forming over the top however whenever I clean it it's... READ MORE

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