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How to Remove Black Spot After a Mole Was Removed? Why Did It Appear? I Applied Derma Tend Cream for a Mole Removal.

How to Remove Black Spot After a Mole was Removed? Why Did It Appear? i applied derma tend cream for a mole my question is how can i... READ MORE

Mole Removal Before or After Chemical Peel?

I have a tiny mole on my upper lip that I want to get rid of it. Should I have it removed first then do the peeling, or should I do the opposite? Will... READ MORE

Does dermatend really work on moles?

I was wondering if there would be any side effects like causing the mole to go from benign to magligent. And does it really cause no scar?? READ MORE

Will there be any side effects in removing the mole?

I have a mole on the tip of the came during my 10th standard and is increasing day by day....i want to remove the mole but afraid of the... READ MORE

Is it painful to removed a raised mole from my back? And what are the side effects after the surgery has been performed?

I've a black mole but slightly bumpy, I guess it's a raised mole. However, it itchy and painful at times. READ MORE

I want remove a mole and black spot around the mole. What is the best procedure? Should it be without any side effect? (Photo)

I have black mole on my left chick at center and it contains hair. In addition there has been dark spot around it.some times i feel itchiness on black... READ MORE

Does surgical excision hurt?

Just wondering if it hurt and side affects READ MORE

I want to get mole removed from my face. Which method will be more useful with less/no visibility of mole? (photo)

I have a mole on my face and want to get it removed with less/no scars. I did some research online and went to a couple of doctors for consultation... READ MORE

I have a big and small moles in my face I want a doctor to remove them. (photo)

How to remove mole from my face plz tell me about mole remove side effect and it is permanent when I removed it once READ MORE

Can compound be used to remove moles without any bad effects?

Have a mole on neck near hairline which can get scratched with my comb. Also one on front of mu right breast and under my left breast side. READ MORE

I have a black mole on my left eyes and it's big and I afraid to remove this. (photo)

I just wanted to know what will b the side effect after removal this and can I remove this READ MORE

I have been directed to use Melasma Emulsion.

Mole removal from a clear face, left with hypopigmentation and now have been prescribed the emulsion and pigment bar. What are the side effects, does... READ MORE

How to get rid of moles on skin?

I'm 18 years old now. I'm a male weighing 66kg and height 166cm. I have got so many moles on my face. I just want to ask that how many methods are... READ MORE

A mole at the end part of my penis. Shall I have it removed or not? What are the dangers/side effects having it removed? (photo)

The mole came out 4 years ago and I notice it grew a little bigger as time passes. I don't feel anything, it is not painful at all. 1. What type of... READ MORE

I have many Beauty spots on my face. Is there a way to remove a few of them so that I feel confident about myself? (photo)

I am 23 years old and I have many flat Beauty spots on my face. Is der a way to remove atleast few of them so that I feel confident about myself?... READ MORE

About mole laser treatment. Are there any side effects?

I have done 4 days before first laser treatment on there any side effects ..and I also want to know to continue this procedure or not..if not... READ MORE

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