Scar Revision + Mole Removal

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Shave Biopsy?

Yesterday I had 3 moles removed by shave biopsy - 2 on my back, one on my chest. Is there anything I can do to help minimise the scar? Do you... READ MORE

I Have a Horrible Nose Scar After Mole Removal? (photo)

I went to a derm and he remove my mole but ended up with a huge scar that looks like a crater and made me very disappointed by the outcome. Is it... READ MORE

Can the Bulging Skin Near the Incision on Face After Mole Removal Become Flat? (photo)

I had protuding mole removed on my face about 10 days ago. One is removed via shave excision. Another one is near my nasolabial fold,removed via... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Facial Indents?

I had a mole from my chin removed about a year ago. The doctor told me there would be a scar after, turns out it was an indent. Is there any way or... READ MORE

What is the Best Option for the Indented Scar Under my Lip? (photo)

About 1 ½ yrs ago, I had a mole removed from under my lip. An incision and surface stitching was done. My hope.. it would heal as a thin linear ... READ MORE

The best kind and brand sunscreen for new surgical scar

I just had a scar revision for a mole excision surgery two years ago that was not done properly. I had a dog ear and depressed scar. I am a week out... READ MORE

Facial Scar Care?

I had a mole removed on my face a little over a week ago. The stitches were taken out on friday and since then it has healed greatly. Simply looks... READ MORE

Cortisone Shot After Mole Removal?

Hi, I had done a mole removal behind my knee. It got raised and red, so the doctor told me to get a cortisone shot. After I received a cortisone shot,... READ MORE

Options for Old Mole Removal Scar? (photo)

I had a mole removed from my abdomen about 6 years ago, and the scar is still very noticable, including scars from the stitches. What would you... READ MORE

So Now my Scar from Mole Removal Looks Like Another Mole? (photo)

My scar was healing fine and now it looks like another mole. It feels like a soft, dried blood bubble or something has formed on it. I'm going to call... READ MORE

When Should a Scar Revision Take Place? (photo)

I had about a 2 mm mole excised from my cheek in the naso labial fold in mid July. The dermatologist removed it with a punch type excision. She placed... READ MORE

Scar revision after mole excision for lumps on ends, concave in middle. Worried of effects scar tissue has from prior surgery.

Had mole removed by incision. I am left with a dog ear on top and big lump on bottom. Between is a concave with a hole in the concave from a drained... READ MORE

How to Remove Scars of Moles After Removing It from Face?

I had used battery's acid to remove it n it get hole i hav very important work after two days so help me n suggest me how to remove this scars it was... READ MORE

Scar Revision After Mole Removal 6 Years Ago? (photo)

I had the mole removed about six years ago. The doctor used the burning technique to remove the mole. I waited long enough for it to heal, but it... READ MORE

Scar excision from mole removal scar after other options have failed. (photos)

Last Dec. I had a mole removed via shave method. It healed poorly and left a deep depression and red color. In Apr, I had subcision with juvederm,... READ MORE

Face incision still red 3 months post op. Any suggestions?

Had scar revision on cheek from a mole removal 2 years ago that left me with dog ear and indentation. It's 3 months post op and incision is still red.... READ MORE

Can someone get another dog ear after dog ear incision?

Having a dog ear after mole excision and going back two years later to have dog ear excised and scar revision for depressed scar underneath, could a... READ MORE

How much does it cost for a scar revision for a mole?

I asked a question about scar revision previously and I am wondering what the cost is roughly READ MORE

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