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Is using apple cider vinegar on moles safe? (photos)

I have 3 moles I wanted to get rid off. On my nose, neck, and arm. All are perfectly round and no bigger than a pencil erase and haven't changed in... READ MORE

Care of mole removal wound after two weeks. Should I continue keeping it moist with Vaseline?

Having had a mole removed two weeks ago, the site is still rather red. Every day I have washed it and put Vaseline there covered by a plaster. Is it... READ MORE

Is Mole Removal Safe by an Esthetician Using the Superfrecator Machine?

She offered to do it for me with a machine called Superfrecator..My friend had it done and her freckles and moles came off. There is a flesh burning... READ MORE

I Have This Bump/mole on my Nose. What is It Called? Is It Safe to Remove It when Im Only 14? (photo)

I have had this bump on my nose since I was about 5 or 6. It is genetic and runs down my dads side of the family. it doesnt hurt or cause any irritation. READ MORE

Sunbathing 2 weeks after mole removal - is it safe ?

I have a few abnormal moles on my back that will be removed in a few weeks. My family had plans to go down south for a week, departure now falls 1... READ MORE

Flat mole on neck: Will removing it leave a scar?

I want to remove mole on neck ,it's flat mole,but i doubt,is possible remove mole without leaving scar? what's the best method to remove mole? laser... READ MORE

Is it safe to remove a mole near my anus?

Its very small but raised a little. It is literally 1" away from my butt hole (haha) I want it removed but don't know if its safe considering where it... READ MORE

How many moles is it safe to have removed at one time?

I have a number of large moles on my back (around 7), which are raised and large; 2 on my chest and 1 on my thigh. I have consulted a plastic surgeon... READ MORE

Is it safe to ise garlic on moles? If so, how long does it take to heal the burning area of my skin?

I use onions and instead it gets a lot more bigger than before. Also it has a hole on the inner part area of my mole. READ MORE

Does garlic help to remove moles?

Hello , i want just wanted to know if garlic really does work on removing moles because ive seen so many youtube videos and people saying that ? And... READ MORE

I have a mole on my inner labia RIGHT next to my clitoris - is it safe to have my derm remove this or should I see a specialist?

I have a small light brown mole on my inner labia RIGHT next to my clitoris (about 1/16 inch away). My dermatologist recommended biopsying/removing... READ MORE

Is advanced electrolysis a safe and effective way to remove moles?

Mole that are quite big, raised with dark hair, so well routed? would they grow back? would it leave a scar? READ MORE

Can I safely remove a mole using products sold as "100% TCA" Trichloroacetic Acid?

Hi, I am 20 years old and have a lot of moles, this worries me because melanoma is common in my family. If i go to a skin cancer clinic and have my... READ MORE

Any suggestions to lighten mole with home remedies?

I have a very small begnign mole on my face (I had it cheched by a dermatologyst). It is about 1mm diameter and flat, but very dark, and I would like... READ MORE

Will hyperpigmentation after mole removal from cryotherapy go away? (Photo)

I had cryotherapy for mole removal done over various parts of my body and have been left with hyperpigmentation and redness. It has been about three... READ MORE

Is it safe to remove this Mole at home?

I've had this mole on my ear since I was young and want it gone. I had it checked by my doctor and he said it was just a raised mole that was harmless... READ MORE

Is lamprobe mole removal safe? Why isn't it used by most dermatologists but is used by aestheticians?

I have already gotten a few facial moles checked out by a dermatologist to make sure they are benign. I recently saw the lamprobe mole removal... READ MORE

Would it be possible and safe to surgically remove a mole I have in the inner corner of my eye? (photos)

So I have a small, light mole which has been bothering me for esthetical reasons. I know that it's possible to remove moles through surgery (I don't... READ MORE

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