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How Safe is It to "Tie Off" a Raised Mole?

I have a VERY raised mole on my neck the size of a pencil eraser, that has been there ever since I can remember. It has never changed size, color,... READ MORE

What Should I Do After I Cut a Mole Off?

I cut a mole off of my forarm and need some advice. It was just a little bigger than a marble. It was skin colored and did not have a very big base to... READ MORE

I Have a Small Flat Brown Mole in my Penis Head?

I saw a dermatologist and he said that there's nothing to worry about.Although i want to remove that mole for cosmetic reasons,it causes me a bit of... READ MORE

Is there any risk involved in removing small flat moles using natural ingredients?

I have a large number of small or tiny flat brown moles on my body and face. I removed a few of them with laser three years ago but I was left with... READ MORE

Is there a best way to remove this (small, flesh-colored, raised) mole from my nose? (photos)

About fifteen years ago, I noticed a subtle, flesh-colored, raised bump on on the front of my right nostril. The bump has since grown to about twice... READ MORE

Red Moles On My Face?

Hello...about two months ago a red mole appeared on my face..under my eye..I am thinking of removing it...but worried because the eye area is so... READ MORE

Removing of Mole Under my Chin. It's About 1cm, What Are My Options?

I have raised mole under my chin I want to be removed. According to dermatologist that examined it it's not necessary to be removed but I... READ MORE

Small Mole on my Eyelid's Waterline. Can Be Removed Safely? (photo)

So i have this small mole on my lower waterline and it's flat. It's not bothering me or anything but i just want to know if i can remove it without... READ MORE

Which Part of Body Do Keloid Occurs?

I read that there is a high chance keloid will occur along the jawline. I'm considering getting the raised mole on my chin removed. I am keloid... READ MORE

Mole Was Removed but Scar Now Has Streaking Pigment?

I had a mole removed this past February. Melanoma runs in my family. It was a shave biopsy and the results came back as not benign. Recent I had a... READ MORE

Hypertrophic Scar After Mole Removal. Is it Okay to Leave This Untreated? (photo)

I had a mole removed by a dermatologist, and as it was initially healing, it was relatively flat. After a couple months, though, it formed what... READ MORE

What can I expect as for wound progression and should I apply silicon gel to my wound? (photos)

Dear reader, Three weeks ago I had a raised mole on my cheeck shaved off. My derm said I shouldn't be worried about scarring just that there was a... READ MORE

Can I Remove my Mole on my for Head with a Laser While Being 35 Weeks Pregnant?

Hi Iam just curious if I could get my mole removed on my for head while Iam 35 weeks pregnant with laser treatment? Will it affect my baby in any way? READ MORE

Risk of skin cancer using Dermatend on a mole that has been checked out by a doctor first?

I understand that moles need to be checked out by a Dr, but I would be interested in hearing from a dermatologist what the risk of a mole that has... READ MORE

I have a small mole on my forehead and i was wondering how i should remove it?

I have a small mole which is flat on my forehead, it is like 1-2 cm and i really want to remove it. I'm also kind of scared if their are any risks?... READ MORE

Risks of shave or excision of slightly raised mole at tip of nose (photos)

I have a bump on the tip of my nose. The bump raised and got bigger about 4 months ago. It then setlled down and now has stayed pretty constant for... READ MORE

Whats the Best Way to Get This Mole Removed? (photo)

I have a pretty big mole on my cheek. I've been thinking about removing it because I dont like it and the health risks. How much does mole removal... READ MORE

Biopsy Results Different Second Time?

Had partial shave biopsy on mole (NP thought possibly mildly atypical). Biopsy said benign with no atypia. 5 months later it regrew much darker and... READ MORE

Getting tattoo over scar(s)? (photos)

I had to remove 5 moles from my back in June (1 on left scapula) and August (4 on the right side, but got 2 of them removed together) last year and... READ MORE

Malignant Melanoma or Dyplastic Nevi? (photo)

I have been checking it regularly. Annoying my boyfriend this past year. He says it hasn't changed but my paranoia gets the best of me. It has stayed... READ MORE

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