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Can a Dermatologist Tell Just by Looking at a Mole if It is Cancerous on Not?

I have an appointment next week and i dont know what to expect never been to one before, will he be able to give me an idea on the day what it is and... READ MORE

My Husband Had Moles Removed and the Severe on Shows Lesion Close to a Letral Inked Edge

He had 4 shave biopsy's of moles, 2 came back mild, 1 moderate and 1 severe. Had severe one removed thursday - diagnois on original biopsy states... READ MORE

Mole Removal Before or After Chemical Peel?

I have a tiny mole on my upper lip that I want to get rid of it. Should I have it removed first then do the peeling, or should I do the opposite? Will... READ MORE

Does Early Intervention with Moles Yield the Best Cosmetic Results?

Hi I have seen a surge in the number of moles I have. This is worrying as I have had a number of moles removed in the past and the results have been... READ MORE

Understanding Mole Biopsy Results; Any suggestions?

My biopsy result says "Lentiginous junctional nevus with mild atypical melanocytic hyperplasia extending to margins." How should this be... READ MORE

Is there any way to improve the result of my mole shave or should I consider doing another procedure? (photo)

Dear reader, I had a raised brown pigmented mole on my left cheeck shaved and then cauterized 8 months ago. At this point I am still very displeased... READ MORE

What do my test results mean for my punch biopsy on my mole?

The final pathological diagnosis says "Compound melanocytic proliferation extending to the biopsy edge. The proliferation shows features of compound... READ MORE

Should I worry about the results of my mole biopsy?

I had a mole removed three weeks ago at my local hospital, went back on Fiday for the results and the dr told me the full report was not back yet as... READ MORE

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