Red Marks + Mole Removal

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What Treatments Will Address Red Scars After Shaving Moles?

Hello, About three months ago I had a couple moles removed from my stomach via the shaving method (i.e., no stitches). I'm hoping to minimize the... READ MORE

After mole removal I have a red mark on my face. (photo)

Hello. A month ago, I had six moles removed from my face. Four days after removing the moles, I got scabs on all my moles and they came off by the end... READ MORE

Holes in skin from dermatend: What can I do to repair?

I used a product called dermatend over a year ago and I am left with red scars and holes in my skin from where the mole was removed. Is there a... READ MORE

How long will it take for this shaved biopsy scar to heal flush with my skin color?

Shaved biopsy was done 07/07/15. I've had this area shaved 3x before & healed normal with no red mark, but mole returned. This last time my derm. went... READ MORE

Removed mole healing oddly, will this go away? It's been 5 weeks since the procedure. (photo)

Hi i had a number of moles removed however one has been healing oddly not sure if the mole "survived" or has just has scared strange? Will this go... READ MORE

I have this red mark on my leg that I have had for about a month it looks like a mole. Any suggestions? (photo)

I have had this mark on my leg for about a month. My parents say it's nothing but I think it is. Please help READ MORE

How can I aid this to heal? Flat mole on breast treated with apple cider vinegar. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have treated a flat mole on my chest/breast with apple cider vinegar. Please see photo and advise me on the healing process. Thank you. It's a... READ MORE

How to fix red marks left from laser mole removal?

I had a few moles burnt off with a laser 3 months ago. This has left some light coloured redish marks / scars which bother me, although they are... READ MORE

A dermatologist scraped off the top of a flat flesh colored mole! Why is there a pea sized knot under the skin?

Had the top of a mole scraped off and sent off to check to be sure it was okay! Results were good! Upon healing it left a red mark and a hard knot... READ MORE

I used Apple Cider Vinegar to try and get rid of a mole. Now there is a red mark around the mole. What it is? (photo)

I may have applied to much Apple Cider Vinegar on the mole or around the mole, as i put some on some tissue paper and held it on the mole for about... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for a red mark left after laser mole removal on nose almost 2 years ago? (Photo)

What is the best treatment for this red mark left from laser mole removal on my nose from almost 2 years ago? I was thinking about another laser... READ MORE

Scarring from mole removal using Elman Unit? (Photo)

Hi I had three moles removed through the use of an Elman unit on March 26th. The procedure left some red scars though, which I have circled. How long... READ MORE

A red mark on face after laser treatment. What should I do?

I was undergone a mole removal laser treatment in december 2015 and it was succesful .... however there is still a red mark on the spot and it is not... READ MORE

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