Recurrence + Mole Removal

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Why Do my Moles Keep Reccuring?

I have had 5 moles removed over the past 5 years because I thought they were changing. They all came back benign. However, 4 out of the 5 moles have... READ MORE

Mole Recurrence

If a mole is removed by shaving it off, can it recur to look worse than the original mole was (e.g. more patchy or more raised)? or would the... READ MORE

Do Moles Come Back After Excision?

I've had three mildly atypical moles removed by excision surgery. Margins clear. Just wondering, is it often that moles come back? I understand they... READ MORE

Repigmentation Occurring Six Months After a Dysplastic Nevus (With Severe Changes) Removed?

Today, at my follow up, my dermatologist re-excised the pigmentation that returned in the center of the scar left from the first excision. My first... READ MORE

Mole On Head Has Been There For 2 Months. Has Gotten a Bit Larger? (photo)

I have a mole on the top of my head that has been present for about 2 months now. First came in it looked like a pimple but it has not gone away and... READ MORE

Recurrent Nevus Had Alarming Biopsy Result. What is my Likelihood of Having Neoplasia?

6 months ago I had an atypical nevus removed from my back that had severe cell changes, but the borders were clear. Nothing further was done. As my... READ MORE

Should I Have a Mole Removed After Being Shaved 2x's, Bio Neg Both Times and It Grew Back Again?

Had a mole removed two times(shaved the 1st time and a deeper shave the 2nd time) within a 12- 18 month time period, both bio's came back neg. It has... READ MORE

Why my Mole Comes Back After I Did a Lazer Removal?

About one month I did a mole lazer removal in my face and the mole came back now why ? Any answeres please READ MORE

Pigmentation Returning After Deep Shave Was Done on Cheek?

I had a deep shave removal done on cheek 2.5 years ago (.5cm x .5cm) which left a depressed scar. Biopsy came back as a Junctional Nevus with marked... READ MORE

I'm Afraid my "Non-diagnosis" Will Affect my Follow Up and Treatment. I Possibly Have Melanoma?

A shave bx for a lesion on my back revealed a dysplastic nevus with severe changes. It reappeared in the same spot, and was bx'd again. This time, a... READ MORE

I Have a Purplish Blood Spot That is Worrying Me, I'm Constantly Googling and is Really Freaking Me out?

The purple mark comes and goes, I've had it for about a month, in the exact same place, it will show up then fade then come back. This has happened 4... READ MORE

Recurrent nevus atypical (Photo)

Had a nevus removed by shaving, came back benign (compound) nevus. In 3 weeks after scab fell off, black spot (darker than original) appeared on... READ MORE

Should I Have Mole Shaved Again?

I have had this mole shaved a few times it is never really gone though and I think it is coming back. It is slightly raised. Do you think I should... READ MORE

Mole recurring after surgery. Why does it do this?

I had a mole above my lip removed and they took everything. Well that was 2 weeks ago and it's back and darker color and bigger now READ MORE

Is it common for new moles to appear in the same general area after some have been removed? (Photo)

I have moles all over my body, I go to my dermatologist every 6mo. A few weeks ago I had a mole removed on my stomach and now I've noticed more moles... READ MORE

Should I be worried about my moles coming back? (Photo)

Had 2 moles removed in December behind my left ear. It is April and it has been from time to time and sesative. It also looks like both sites are... READ MORE

I removed a mole with apple cider vinegar and it seems to be coming back. What can I do?

Around 8 months ago I removed a mole on my face using apple cidar vinegar. It did leave a scar and lately I have been noticing that the little speck... READ MORE

I'm getting a mole that was recurrent removed (photo)

I'm getting a mole that was recurrent removed from my buttock cheek I'm concerned about me being able to work after having that day off I work cutting... READ MORE

Should I have any concerns?

I tried removing a mole on my arm and it grew back smaller. 2 years later i tried again with the the mole on my arm and a mole on my back. They are in... READ MORE

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