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Hand Mole Excision Sent off for Biopsy. Do I Need to Go Back? (photo)

2 weeks ago I had a mole on the lower middle palm of my right hand removed. It took off quite a big chunk of skin around and underneath. It was a... READ MORE

Why Doesn't The Lidocaine At This Doc's Office Work?

I respond perfectly to Lidocaine. It kills 100% of the pain for all other dental and skin procedures. However, in this one dermatologist's office,... READ MORE

Why Won't Dermatologists Remove the Mole Completely?

My doc says a freckle-type spot needs to be removed. He only wants to do a 'shave' biopsy, send it to pathology, THEN bring me back to remove... READ MORE

Will Be Getting Biopsy of A Mole On My Hip; Can It Look Like This and Not Be Melanoma or Atypical?

I had a suspicious mole on my hip where one-side looked like it was spreading as a lighter shade & had a jagged border. I am getting a biopsy of... READ MORE

Why is my skin yellow around my stitches?

I had a mole removed three days ago. I'm using white petroleum and had 8 stitches on the top layer and they cauterized and sewed the under layer as... READ MORE

Why didn't the dermatologist remove "everything" off the mole in the first place?

I went to the dermatologist to get checked for any moles that were or could become carcinogenic. He removed a mole and sent it for analysis. After a... READ MORE

Why is my long ago removed mole spot so itchy and scabby? (Photo)

My mole was removed about 15 years ago but it still itches and gets dry and scabby now.. is it normal. It's about thumb nail size READ MORE

7 moles removed via cauterisation 6 weeks ago, why are there little black dots on two of them?

All the wounds have healed well, however one on my lower back (around kidney level) has 4 black dots on the top of the scar and one on my neck has one... READ MORE

Is there an explanation for the center of this mole falling off and bleeding from absolutely nothing, besides cancer? (Photo)

I am calling a derm. tomorrow regardless, but I just really dont have the time to care for myself if I have cancer, special needs child, job interview... READ MORE

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