Punch Excision + Mole Removal

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Indent After Punch Biopsy - Will It Fill In? (photo)

I had a punch biopsy on the end of my nose 10 days ago to have a mole removed. Had stitches out after 7 days and healing ok but I am upset to see that... READ MORE

Normal Healing After Punch Biopsy?

I had a benign mole removed by punch biopsy from the sole of my foot three weeks ago, just below my 2nd and 3rd toes. The wound seems to have mostly... READ MORE

Is a Punch Biopsy Enough for a Severe Dysplastic Mole?

I had a mole shave biopsied and the result stated severely abnormal - recommend removing slightly more. Dermatologist said I needed to set up a punch... READ MORE

Remaining Mole After Punch Biopsy - Can It Turn Cancerous?

Hello. The punch biopsy removed a small peice of the mole and left the rest behind. The report on the biopsy says: "There are solitary and nested... READ MORE

Punch Biopsy Healing. Scar is Bigger Than the Mole Itself, 2 Months Post Op?

Had a punch biopsy 2mths ago everything normal. i now have a scar that is bigger than the mole it's self and is purple. I just purchased silicone not... READ MORE

Is a Punch Biopsy Enough for a Dysplastic Nervus with Moderate Atypia?

I had a punch biopsy done to remove a mole from my leg. The diagnosis was: "lentiginous junctional dysplastic nervus with moderate atypia,... READ MORE

Should I be concerned with a mole regrowing to previous size after punch biopsy?

I have a mole on my areola, which I've had my entire life. A few months ago, I got it checked for melanoma since it began to change. The dermatologist... READ MORE

Does Completely Excised Mean Clear Margins?

I initially had a punch biopsy done for a mole. Because the diagnosis was "Lentiginous Junctional dysplastic nervus with moderate atypia, focally... READ MORE

Is this normal after stitches removed after punch hole biopsy? (Photo)

I had my stitches removed yesterday seven days after a punch hole biopsy on my toe. I thought it would be completely closed?? My toe is also quite... READ MORE

I Had a Mole Removed a Week Ago Using the Punch Method?

The pathology report came back benign with clear margins - but it did contain some atypical cells. What's the next step? READ MORE

How long does bruising last after local anaesthetic in the toe?

Hiya I have quite a lot of bruising to the posterior of my toe and a little on the opposite side from my punch biopsy. It has been a week and a half... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for dog ear incision after mole removal? (photos)

I had a large mole removed on my face- above my lips 6 months ago. The PS removed the mole using a punch biopsy. I was assured by the PS that they... READ MORE

I had 3 biopsies on one site on my cheek near my nose. the last being a punch biopsy. All came back clean. How do I correct the

It was stitched but did not heal. I have a deep hole in my face with epidermis rolling inward. What is best procedure to correct this? READ MORE

Punch Biopsy for Atypical Nevus. Why Did I Get 2 Different Responses With the Same Results?

I had a punch biopsy which came back saying that I had an atypical mole with worrying features. I was told to have it excised, so went in and had an... READ MORE

Removal of slightly raised and non raised moles on the scalp. Is a punch biopsy the best way to remove them?

So I went to the dermatologist today to get the moles on my head/face/scalp checked out. The moles in question are all regular shape and color but... READ MORE

Other Options for Mole Removal?

I have had a shave biopsy three times for a large mole on my cheek (larger than a pencil eraser). Every time, it grows back darker, but the dr. thinks... READ MORE

dog ears after mole removal via punch excision ? (photos)

I had a punch excision performed on one of cheek my moles on April 6. Right after the surgery I noticed the typical appearance of "dog ears" on both... READ MORE

I got my mole removed. Is it healing normally? And can I get my stitches off earlier? (photos)

I got a mole removed 7 days ago with a Punch Biopsy procedure. Still have my stitches. My doctor said that the stitches would be off in two weeks from... READ MORE

I had 2 moles removed from my stomach today for biopsy. 1 of the spots hurts badly, the other is fine. (Photo)

I had 2 moles removed today from my stomach. One was punched out and the other scraped off(nearest my belly button). The one that was punched bled a... READ MORE

Punch excision for mole removal, how to minimize scarring?

Hi I recently had a punch excision done to remove a mole from my face. After the procedure I had two stitches given to me in order to close the wound.... READ MORE

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