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Mole on the Nasal Tip is There a Way to Get It Removed with a Smooth Nasal Tip and Not a Crater? (photo)

I have a mole on my nasal tip and I would like it to be removed but the cosmetic surgeon I saw said that it would leave a bad scar maybe a crater. I... READ MORE

What happens after I get my mole removed by electrocautery?

I had my mole removed not realising that the method used was electrocautery. What should I do to my mole now to prevent scarring and for it to heal... READ MORE

What Are the Causes of Cherry Angiomas?

Hello..I am 20 years old and I have got a red mole on my face..I guess it is a cherry angioma..What are the causes of cherry angiomas and how to stop... READ MORE

Should I Apply Anti Inflammatory Ointment to Scars Following Mole Removal to Prevent Scarring?

I have in the past week had 20 moles removed from various parts of my body (mainly lower arms, legs and a few from my back). I still have stitches in... READ MORE

What is the Best Moisturizer to Use on the Face to Minimize the Scar After Mole Removal?

What is the Best Moisturizer to Use on the Face to Minimize the Scar After Mole Removal? READ MORE

Laser Removal of Flat Moles. How To Prevent Scarring?

T i just had laser removal of beauty marks and the doctor went a bit faar...i need help as the title says i just had laser removal of small beauty... READ MORE

Stitches VS no stitches?

Hello, My wife recently had a mole excised, the Doctor cut the mole out with a scalpel and cauterized the wound to stop the bleeding. I would like to... READ MORE

Mole Excision On Nose now has an indented hole little bumps around the hole, what should I do? (Photos)

I had a mole excision on 4/12/17. The mole was removed from right side of nose.MY plastic surgeon did a vertical excision. On day 3 it appeared the... READ MORE

Can keloid scars be avoided on removing two hairy moles from my chin?

I have two hairy moles on my chin which I would love to have removed. Three years ago, I had two moles on my neck removed with a shave excision, one... READ MORE

I am getting many moles. Are these moles wart or cancer?

Since last 1.5 year, I started getting moles on my neck chest and stomach. Last year they were around 30 and now they are around 100. It seems like... READ MORE

Mole removal surgery. Is there anything I can do to help prevent or lessen the scars?

I had my moles (3) removed yesterday by incision. The stitches come out on Saturday is there anything I can do to help prevent or lessen the scars? READ MORE

Cold sore on sutured area, what can I do to prevent really bad scarring?

I recently had an upper lip mole removed and currently still have stitches. To my misfortune, I've developed a cold sore blister in the same spot.... READ MORE

How should I take after care following wart/mole removal, specifically to prevent scarring? (Photo)

I had two moles removed yesterday morning, almost 24h ago. The wound on my chin seems to be healing nicely but the one on my nose looks different.... READ MORE

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