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Black spot (mole?) near my clit? (Photo)

A few days ago while shaving I found a black spot on my clit which could have been a mole but it's kind of hard to tell. It's kind of a faint, not... READ MORE

Had a mole on my neck removed by the shave method 1 ago. The site of the removal is pink/red and raised. Is this normal? (Photo)

Lab result: benign. It doesn't hurt and there isn't any discharge. The darker spot is part of the mole that did not get removed because it really deep... READ MORE

Is the site of my mole removal healing properly? (photos)

I had a mole shaved off my lower leg on 10/11/16. This is my first removal and I'm concerned about how it looks. No pain and the site is dry but it is... READ MORE

Is this dangerous? And should it be removed? (Photos)

I have this 'mole' on my back, which my girlfriend recently pointed out. She said it could just be a wisdom spot or something similar but I am a bit... READ MORE

A spot appeared under my eye but hasn't gone in over a month? It's also become more raised off the skin (Photos)

It's also become more raised off the skin. It's not sore. I've noticed I've become more 'moley' recently and I'm prone to cherry anignomas (see... READ MORE

How can I treat ACV scars post mole removal? (Photo)

I used apple cider vinegar to remove a mole on my forehead. looking back, bad idea but now i need to deal with the aftermath. i got careless on how i... READ MORE

I have a small moles on face. What can I do? (Photo)

I want remove moles naturally without any pain and surgery .i want my moles remove complete so what I do? READ MORE

I'm feeling itchy around an existing mole. It's not painful, but has burning sensation around it. Is it papilloma or cancer?

Existing, very light red and thin border,symmetric. around 4mm, little itchy sometimes, sometimes feeling sensations around it when... READ MORE

What is this bump on my inner thigh? (photo)

I have a bump about the size of a dime on my inner thigh. It is soft to touch and tender and painless. I lanced it yesterday and quite a bit of blood... READ MORE

Are these worts on my foot, if so how do I get rid of them for good, how do I get this mole removed, best painless way? (photo)

Ive had the worts for 3 years .I got the right bottom wort I'm not sure how exactly it was a cut then turned into that, then the wort above the first... READ MORE

Mole removed, pink in color now, is this normal?

It's been a month, the spot is on my right shoulder. the area where the mole was, is now pink in color. I have no pain, but, the area is sore. is this... READ MORE

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