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How to Remove a Flat Mole on my Face? (photo)

I have two Flat Moles on my face that I like to remove or make less obvious. Is there procedure out there that can leave no scars? This is purley for... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Get Rid of Beauty Marks?

I don't mean moles or sun spots- Beauty marks. They are dark like moles, but flat on the same level as the rest of the skin. I have several on my face... READ MORE

Mild, Moderate and Severe Moles: Should They All be Removed?

My Husand Had 4 Moles Tested. They Came Back and 2 Are Mild, One Moderate and One Severe. They want to remove which I agree but only the severe and... READ MORE

Burned my mole trying to remove it with apple cider vinegar. Have I ruined my chances to remove it professionally? (Photo)

I read that using apple cider vinegar was an effective way to remove moles so I thought I would give it a try . I placed a q-tip with acv on my mole... READ MORE

Have a Mole Since I Was Little Now It is Itchy Red Swollen and Feeling with Pus What Do I Do? What Could It Be?

Have a Mole Since I Was Little Now It is Itchy Red Swollen and Feeling with Pus What Do I Do? What Could It Be READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Moles On My Face that are Increasing In Numbers, and Have Very Oily Skin w/ Acne Scars? (photo)

I have moles on my face that are increasing in number with time. I also have a very oily skin with acne scars. Please help me get rid of all these... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Fleshy Moles Under Arm and on Neck?

Fleshy moles under arm and on neck. How to get rid of them? READ MORE

Mole Is Raised With Red Ring Around It- What To Do?

My Husband Recently Had a Mole Checked by the Family Doctor.  The Mole Has Been on His Shoulder for Years but Recently a Red ring appeared... READ MORE

Using Laser Treatment, Can Flat Facial Moles Be Removed Without Leaving Any Scar on the Face? (photo)

I have got flat brown moles on my face . I really want to get them removed but I am concerned because they are on my face . I do not want any scar to... READ MORE

Does Mole Removal by Electrocautery Cause Bad Scarring?

I've been self conscious of a small black-dotted mole (sharp tip of a pencil) between my eyebrows. I went to an esthetician for consultation. She... READ MORE

Can I Go to My Family Doctor For Facial Mole Removal?

Okay, I have this Mole on my face, And its not really big, It dosent poke out alot but it kinda does a little. But I want that Mole OFF. I am trying... READ MORE

Black/dark Brown Spot in Mole Biopsy Wound?

I had a biopsy of a mole taken earlier this week and now there is a black/dark brown spot in the wound. Could this be because the doctor didn't... READ MORE

I Have 99% Non-pigmented Raised Mole on my Nose. Need a Second Opinion? (photo)

It's where the nostril meets the nose. I have asked a plastic surgeon before and she told me that if it were to be removed it would leave more of... READ MORE

Negative Effects of Skin Tag Removal?

I went to a spa in February to have myskin tags/moles removed and my face has not healed yet. I have dark brown spots all around my temple and eyes. I... READ MORE

Got a mole removed. Scab accidentally got scrapped off. What should I do?

I got a mole removed from my chin by a dermatologist 5 days ago. An elevated scab formed where it was removed. I accidently broke off half the scab.... READ MORE

Permanent Mole Removal Options?

I have so many moles on my face i wanted to know that laser therapy removes moles permanently after how many treatments or there is another way to... READ MORE

Mole On Upper Lip- Is Shaving The Best Option For Removal To Keep Lip Shape?

I am considering removing two moles on my upper lip because they can be irritating when I shave. I have been told by a friend that shaving would be... READ MORE

Infection after mole shave (Photo)

I had 8 moles removed by shave/electro surgery method 6 days ago. 1 of the moles appears to be infected, I am applying antibiotic ointment 3 times a... READ MORE

Age 16 With Mole On Lip. What is My Best Option, and Approximate Healing Time?

I am 16 year old male & ive had this mole on my lip all my life, and iv'e been wanting it off for as long as i can remember. I am on summer... READ MORE

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