Nose Tip + Mole Removal

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Bump on Tip of my Nose? (photo)

Hi! I've had this bump on the tip of my nose since I was a teen. At first I thought it was a pimple but it never went away. I can usually cover it... READ MORE

Can my raised mole on the tip of my nose be removed with out scarring? (photos)

I've had this mole on the tip of my nose since I was born . I've always been really self conscious about it ,but now more than ever. I've noticed A... READ MORE

What is this bump growing on the tip of my nose? It's been there for about a year (Photo)

I started growing a tiny bump on the tip of my nose...almost like a flesh colored raised mole. It seems to be getting bigger. It's not painful. I've... READ MORE

Best mole removal procedure for conspicuous area (nose tip)? Full excision? Plastic surgeon or dermatologist recommended?(photo)

I have had a mole on the tip of my nose since I was a child. Over the past few years it has grown to a size I am uncomfortable with (about 5mm across)... READ MORE

Will there be any side effects in removing the mole?

I have a mole on the tip of the came during my 10th standard and is increasing day by day....i want to remove the mole but afraid of the... READ MORE

I Have a Slightly Raised Mole on the Tip of my Nose. Would It Be Possible to Have It Removed with out Major Scarring? (photo)

It is barely noticeable, but I think it is becoming slightly more raised over the years. What would be the best technique with minimal scarring? Or... READ MORE

Raised red mole on the tip of my nose. Can I get it removed without scarring? (Photo)

I always had a small, not raised, barely noticeable brown birthmark on the tip of my nose. Over the past few years, it's gotten bigger, has turned... READ MORE

‚ÄčI want to remove a nasal mole on the tip of my nose. What is the best method to have it removed w/ less noticeable scar?(photo)

I don't want to have a big scar. Which is the best method to remove mole on the tip of nose. Where should I go to a dermatologist or a facial plastic... READ MORE

Risks of shave or excision of slightly raised mole at tip of nose (photos)

I have a bump on the tip of my nose. The bump raised and got bigger about 4 months ago. It then setlled down and now has stayed pretty constant for... READ MORE

What is the best way to get this mole removed? (photos)

I have had this mole on the tip of my nose for as long as I can remember. It doesn't have any cancer but it does hurt my self esteem :( READ MORE

Is there a way to get rid of beauty marks on the nose tip?

Im very self concious about it and i have another beauty spot coming through. It affects my life and makes me depressed. READ MORE

Is my mole growing back?

About a month ago I got a mole removed by the shaving method from the tip of my nose I was left with a dent that I was not so happy about but now I... READ MORE

Want to remove mole for a third time, any suggestions? (photos)

I had a mole at the center tip of my nose since I was a child . When I was really young it bothered me and I scraped it off. If grew Back slightly... READ MORE

What are my options to remove a mole on the tip of the nose? (photos)

I wanna remove a big mole on the tip of my nose without leaving a big scar or home. What are m'y best options READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Way to Remove a Slightly Coloured Mole on Nose with Minimal Scarring ? (photo)

The mole is on the left tip of my nose and im wondering what kind of removal would be best and have the least scarring. Also if you could recommend... READ MORE

Dermatologist recommended to freeze a mole on my nose: Is that going to leave a scar? It appears to be benign. (Photos)

He is shaving the ones on the side of my face and one on my ear except the one on my nose. I'm concerned it will be worst afterwards since it's right... READ MORE

Is there anything I can use for skin re-growth? (photos)

I had a mole on my nose & a physician cauterized it off leaving me with this dent/scar on the tip of my nose. It makes me socially awkward, I feel... READ MORE

Shave biopsy for mole on nose tip - Came back as compound epithelioid / spitz tumor. Should I have a complete excision? (photo)

Cosmetically will this look bad but what is the best way to go about this, how long will it take to heal. About one year ago I grew what I... READ MORE

I have upraised mole on the tip of my nose. Would it grow back if it was removed? (Photo)

If it is shaped what is the chance to grow back? Should I see dermatologist or Physical surgeon? READ MORE

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