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Is it common to have mole/s inside inner lips of vagina? If so, are they usually cancerous? Severe anxiety and very worried

I have a mole inside my vagina on the inner lip. I have had this for quite sometime, years actually, I never gave it much thought. But, after some... READ MORE

After Removing a Mole, Will the Mole Reappear in the Future?

I am planning to get my mole remove by the excision with stitches method, but I am not sure if my mole will reappear in the future. What is the chance... READ MORE

Red Spot After Mole Removal on Belly?

Hello, I have had 4 moles removed on my belly. It has been 6 weeks ago since they have been removed and about 4 weeks since the stiches have been... READ MORE

Should I Worry that a Mole Right by my Hairline, my Forehead Has Become Tender in the Sane Area?

I have had a mole right by my hairline since I was little. I am now 52 and the mt forehead area in the same general location of the mole has become... READ MORE

I had a mole removed from my face. The plastic surgeon used silver nitrate in the wound. Will this discoloration stay? (photo)

I'm worried that the staining will be absorbed into the newly growing skin, side the wound is so deep. Also, he mentioned to me letting it dry out.... READ MORE

is it normal to still be swollen after getting a mole shaved off?

I went in three days ago to remove a mole located above my upper lip and still have allot of swelling left. It is not bothering and doesn't look like... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have a Sunken Area After Mole is Excised/Removed?

Atypical-Severe mole was removed from the center of my back (shoulder blades) on Feb. 16. It was located to the right of my spine, so the incission... READ MORE

Nevus Mole Raised After Shaving.

Raised nevus mole shaved 1 1/2 weeks ago. Had no color as pigment removed via laser years ago. Area clearly shaved as I cannot see any resmaining... READ MORE

Concerns After Mole Removal? Non-malignant

I had a mole removed from my shoulder a few (3-4) months ago because of concerns about skin cancer. Originally it healed into a slightly sunken... READ MORE

I had a tiny mole removed by a dermatologist. She put a huge hole in my arm. Is this normal? (Photo)

Its almost been a month (3-4wks)... She put stitches in my arm but removed it at 14days. since then 2 wks ago, the hole has opened up. It doesnt look... READ MORE

Dark Pigmentation After Punch Biopsy. Normal?

I got my mole removed almost two weeks ago. My concern is this dark/brownish pigmentation around the wound. My dermatologist have told me that the... READ MORE

Is this how a scar from an excision mole removal should look after 7 months? (photo)

I've been using Kelo Cote since the mole was removed. There were no complications from the procedure. The stitches were in for exactly five days. I'm... READ MORE

Why does my excision look look like this after 2 weeks? (Photo)

Had a mole exsized 2 weeks ago it was looking good nice and pink with a thin line .. But yesterday I felt something Pop inside the mole excision and... READ MORE

Blisters in wound after mole removal. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had a mole shaved off about a 1.5 weeks ago and now the wound is filled with blister looking things. Is this normal? READ MORE

(MOLE REMOVAL) A tiny hole after sutures removed, is it normal? (Photo)

I had 2 moles excised on my right tight and got the sutures removed on day 14. The one of my lateral thigh is healing very well and is not red at all... READ MORE

I had a mole on my right cheek removed yesterday. What amount of pain is normal? How to care for area until stitches removed?

I was not given any care instructions except to keep area dry, and return in 10 days to remove stitches. After the numbing meds wore off ive been... READ MORE

Pain 6 days after facial mole removal with liquid nitrogen. Is this normal?

6 days ago I had a small mole removed from my face, near my eye, with liquid nitrogen at the dermatology clinic. Unfortunately I wasn't given any post... READ MORE

I have had a slight itch in the vaginal area and this mark has appeared. Does it look like a normal mole? (Photo)

Do I need to get this checked or does it look like a normal mole? I haven't had this for very long, first noticed a few months ago however has grown... READ MORE

I have moles in identical spots on exactly the opposite sides of my body. Is this a normal thing?

On either side of my skull, about 2 inches up and 2 inches back. The outer muscle of my arm pit, left and right side both have identical moles. My... READ MORE

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