Neck + Mole Removal

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How to Get Rid of Fleshy Moles Under Arm and on Neck?

Fleshy moles under arm and on neck. How to get rid of them? READ MORE

Mole removal on back of neck. How bad will scar be? (photo)

Mole is slightly raised and the diameter of a pencil eraser. It is not suspicious. Having it removed for cosmetic reasons. I am hesitant because I had... READ MORE

How can I get the mole removed from my neck? (Photo)

I have a pretty big mole on my neck and want to get it removed. Would I have to get it surgically removed? And will it hurt READ MORE

Mole Removal in a Sensitive Spot, But Not Harmful, Is It Better To Remove (photo)?

I have a mole at my throat. I was born with it, and it hasn't really changed. My Doctor said that it isn't really dangerous; she said it might be... READ MORE

Flat mole on neck: Will removing it leave a scar?

I want to remove mole on neck ,it's flat mole,but i doubt,is possible remove mole without leaving scar? what's the best method to remove mole? laser... READ MORE

Mole removal using liquid nitrogen? (photos)

I have been to see a doctor in the uk where I live about several moles on the side of my neck and chest. I want them removed and she said she will... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove a Mole in Line with the Main Artery on my Neck? (photo)

I have spoken to my local doctor who advised it is too risky, i value any suggestions? READ MORE

I have several moles on my neck ranging in size that I'd like to have removed. What is the easiest way to remove them?

My skin seems to form new moles semi often and over the years the amount on my neck has grown to around 9 ranging in size from very little to larger.... READ MORE

What is the Normal Wait Time to Remove Stitches from the Face?

I had a lymph node removed from my neck. The doctor wants me to wait three weeks. I just think that it is to long. I need help with information. READ MORE

Should I be concerned about a mole growing back after removal 10 years ago, that was never sent off for pathology?

I had a raised mole on my neck removed about 10 years ago due to sensitivity and bleeding. It was shaved off and no pigmentation was left behind. The... READ MORE

Does this mole look suspicious? (photo)

I have a mole on the back of my neck, close to the bottom of my hairline. It sometimes itches and sometimes I feel a slight burning sensation. I am... READ MORE

I have a couple of moles on my neck. Details are below. Is this anything I should have a Dr look at?

Small raised mole on Right side of neck just above collar bone. Daughter pointed out to me that it was reddish black and looked sore on Thurs. It was... READ MORE

Should I be worried..? Or... Am I just overreacting? (photos)

I noticed about 7 years ago that a spot I have never had before suddenly appeared out of nowhere on my left hand.. I thought nothing of it until... READ MORE

How can I get my mole on the back of my neck removed? (Photo)

I have a mole on the back of my neck that is round and very much raised like a small spherical raspberry and is relatively squishy . My dermatologist... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a mole removed without leaving keloids/scar?

I want to remove my flat mole on neck.But i doubt is it possible removing mole without leaving scar or keloids? because i have 2 keloids on my chest... READ MORE

Could this be skin cancer? Should it be removed? (Photo)

Pictured is a slightly raised mole on my neck. Much much smaller than a pencil eraser lightbrown in color. I believe it has been there for a couple... READ MORE

I have a big raised mole on my upper lip. How much would it approximately cost and would it leave a big scar? (Photo)

How much would it cost to get the flat moles removed? Pictured below you can see I have some on my neck and chin. READ MORE

My mole on my neck fell off and now it is growing back and is itchy, is this healthy/normal?

I have been traveling for several months and woke up with a very sore neck starting at the base of my jaw and down to where my neck meets my shoulder.... READ MORE

Is the mole in my neck infected or something else? (photos)

I have a mole on my neck that I noticed the other day was inflamed and bleeding with red around it. It is sore and itches a at times. Could of I... READ MORE

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