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How Much Does Mole Removal Cost?

I want to know how much mole removal costs and what all is done during the removal process. READ MORE

Mole Removal for Slightly Raised Facial Mole?

I have a small brown raised mole on the side of my face I want removed. It does have a few hairs that grow out of it that I pluck with tweezers. It... READ MORE

Can a Mole Be Removed Without Leaving a Scar?

How large of a scar should be expected? Is it possible to have no scars whatsoever? READ MORE

How to Minimize Scar After Mole Removal?

I have a mole on the side of my face, by my chin. I had it looked at, and been told it doesn't look cancerous. I really don't want a scar there. What... READ MORE

What is the Cost of Mole Removal for the Face?

I have a mole in the center of my nose. I've had it since I was very young. I want to have it removed, but I'm worried about the cost. Could... READ MORE

How to Tell if Mole is Cancerous?

I was noticing a little brown mole on my skin, and I stupidly thought it was something else so I picked it off. It went really red and it has swollen... READ MORE

Scars to Expect from Mole Removal?

I am getting about 10 moles removed from my face. I have made an appointment with a general surgeon and am very anxious about scarring. I am not sure... READ MORE

Is Surgery Necessary for Moderate Atypical Moles?

I'm 22 next week & have had numerous Melanoma scares. I've had surgery on my hand (severe atypia) & surgery on my stomach (mild... READ MORE

Best Doctor for Mole Removal?

I am getting a mole removed on the underside of my nose right between my nostrils, Dermatologist will charge $160. Surgeon will charge me $825.Who... READ MORE

Options for Removing Flat, Brown Facial Moles?

I'm a 20-year-old woman and I have many flat brown-colored moles on my face. I want to get rid of them. What are my options for mole removal? READ MORE

Laser Removal of Small, Flat Moles

I have several small, flat moles that I would like to lighten. They are not raised at all--they are literally brown dots. I went to see a... READ MORE

How Painful is Mole Removal by Electrocautery Without Any Anesthesia?

I'm considering having a mole removed near my eye using the electrocautery method. The doctor informed me that since the mole is close to my eye, he... READ MORE

Removing Raised Moles on Your Face with Hydrogen Peroxide Good or Bad?

I tried removing a raised mole with hydrogen peroxide, it stings during and slightly post application of the peroxide, is this normal? Should I... READ MORE

Removing a Black Spot After a Mole Removal

I had a non cancerous mole removed on my nose 2 to 3 years ago. The dermatologist cut it off and at first, it was a light spot almost blending in... READ MORE

How to Fade a Red Mark After Mole Removal?

I removed a mole by myself by using an apple cider vinegar method. To cut the long story short, this method made the mole go away by just burning the... READ MORE

Where to Go for Eyelid Mole Removal?

I have this huge mole sitting on my lower eyelid and a couple of small ones that I can tell are getting bigger. What type of doctor would be best to... READ MORE

Mole Removal Without Insurance Cost?

Hi doctors, I have three moles on my back that I would like to get removed. They're about as big as a pencil eraser, black, and raised. I was... READ MORE

How to Remove Flat, Medium Brown Mole on Chest?

I have a mole centered on my chest. It is flat and medium brown in color. What are my Mole removal options? Will products such as Dematend or Wart... READ MORE

Mole Removal for a 6 Year Old?

My daughter has a mole in her hair line that is flat but seems to be getting larger in diameter (it is a flat, dark mole). She is only 6 and is... READ MORE

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