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Moderate Atypia. Is It Melanoma?

I am almost 22 and have been tanning in beds since I was in a preteen. (I won't be anymore) I got the results back from a biopsy and the mole was... READ MORE

Mild, Moderate and Severe Moles: Should They All be Removed?

My Husand Had 4 Moles Tested. They Came Back and 2 Are Mild, One Moderate and One Severe. They want to remove which I agree but only the severe and... READ MORE

Mild to Moderate Atypical Mole Removal. I Am Scared I Will Develop Melanoma?

I had a mole removed last week and they called to say I have to have to meet with the plastic surgeon to have it completely removed. They said on the... READ MORE

Should a Mole That Has Mild to Moderate Cells Be Removed or Watched?

Should a Mole That Has Mild to Moderate Cells Be Removed or Watched? READ MORE

Atypical mole is what my biopsy came back as (moderate to severe)?

How worries should I b they r scheduling surgery to cut it out but I'm so scared will it turn I to cancer or an I freaking for no reason? READ MORE

Is waiting 5 weeks too long to get an excision for an atypical mole moderate to severe?

 Or should I not b worried I basically would like to kno y the doc would wait 5 weeks if it's moderate to severe. It concerned me that they... READ MORE

After excision can it turn cancer?

I'm just worried because they said mine is atypical mole moderate to severe so more moderate or more severe and can it get worse while I'm waiting for... READ MORE

Should I be worried? Derm didn't check any other moles on me? I went in yesterday (4/5/17) for bigger excision? (Photos)

Sudden appearance of what looked like a blood blister on my Right Mid flank. I had a punch biopsy of 4mm. Results: Inflamed Intradermal Melanocytic... READ MORE

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