Minimal Scarring + Mole Removal

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How Should I Go About Getting my Mole on my Nose Removed? (photo)

When I was about 9 years old a mole developed on my nose and ever since I have been very self-conscious about it. I am now 16 years old and I really... READ MORE

Using Laser Treatment, Can Flat Facial Moles Be Removed Without Leaving Any Scar on the Face? (photo)

I have got flat brown moles on my face . I really want to get them removed but I am concerned because they are on my face . I do not want any scar to... READ MORE

My Doctor Did Not Give Me Any Aftercare Instructions for Mole Removal Except to Use Neosporin for a Week, Please Advise?

I got a mole on my chin at the side along my jawline removed. It was shaved off & then he even removed the bottom of it. Don't know the technical... READ MORE

Hello. I'm 16 and I Have a Mole on my Nose and I Would Really Want to Get It Removed Without a Scar? (photo)

I really want to get my mole on my nose removed and I don't want it to be a scar. It is practically flat but I don't want to laser it off because I... READ MORE

I would like the moles/freckles on my arms removed, what's the best possible way to do so without scarring? (photos)

I've been very self conscious about my moles for quite some time. I have them all over my arms, and I was teased growing up- called a cheetah, that I... READ MORE

I have a mole on my upper lip line. Can it be removed with minimal scarring? (Photo)

I hate this mole, it become more noticeable and it really bothers me. Anyway I want to get it removed and I'm going to the dermatologist this week,... READ MORE

Upper Lip Raised Mole Removal. Mohs, Laser, Scalpel? (photo)

Hi, I have a mole on my upper lip (see picture) that I want removed more than anything. It's about 5mm wide and 2.5mm tall. I want to know what would... READ MORE

Facial Mole Removal. What Treatment Do You Suggest?

Hello, I have several moles on my face. They are all relatively circular and around 2 maybe 3 mm in diameter. All of these moles are basically flat. I... READ MORE

Questions About Types of Mole Incision? (photo)

I have a large mole below my right nostril & want it removed. I don't know whether to see a dermatologist, dermatologist surgeon or facial surgeon... READ MORE

How Much Scarring Should Should I Expect After Having my Moles Removed?

Hi. I am 22 years old, and all my life I have been told I am an attractive person, except for the moles all over my chest. I have had several removed... READ MORE

Would Insurance Cover my Mole Removal by a Plastic Surgeon?

I have 5 moles on my face and 1 on my neck that get in the way when I'm shaving (they are flat, but my razor catches them sometimes). I was wondering... READ MORE

I Have a Slightly Raised Mole on the Tip of my Nose. Would It Be Possible to Have It Removed with out Major Scarring? (photo)

It is barely noticeable, but I think it is becoming slightly more raised over the years. What would be the best technique with minimal scarring? Or... READ MORE

Mole from Birth on Upper Right Nose Bridge Where Glasses Nose Pad Rest,cause Mole Change? (photo)

Best Way to Remove Safe Without Scar? It was small like a dot at birth, grown with age and got bigger,it stopped growing at teenage, kinda oval shape... READ MORE

Mole Removal in the Future. Which is the Better Option for my Flat Moles? (photo)

So I have 3 moles on my face I WANT removed (I have more but they're insignificant, 11 total; all flat). I've had them since I was young. My father... READ MORE

What is the best option for multiple mole removals on my face? What are the cost? Can I remove with minimize scaring? (photo)

Hey everyone, I have had my face looked at recently and all my moles were checked. Nothing looked bad and throughout my life I have routinely had them... READ MORE

What is the best method in caring for mole excision on chin after stitches are removed to minimize scarring?

I had a mole on my chin excised on Monday. I received both internal and external stitches. The external stitches were removed Friday, and the wound... READ MORE

Removing Hundreds of Moles?

My body has hundreds of small - medium (mostly raised), dark brown moles. I am absolutely COVERED in these unsightly blemishes. I am searching for a... READ MORE

What is the best way to remove my mole on my nose with minimum scarring? (Photo)

I have had this mole since a really young age and it has risen and got bigger over the years i am now 14 and really self conscience about it. I just... READ MORE

What is the lump under the skin 6 months after mole removal?

I had a mole removed 6months ago behind ear lobe on my neck. Minimal scaring, never bothered me until about 3 weeks ago I noticed a bump, looked like... READ MORE

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