Melanocyte + Mole Removal

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What Does a Mole That Comes Back with a Comment 'The Peripheral and Deep Margins Are Positive' Mean?

I had a mole come back as 'melanocytic (dysplastic) nevus, compound, with architectural disorder and moderate to severe cytological atypia. (See... READ MORE

What is a Atypical Intradermal Nevus?

My pathology report came back Melancytic Nevus, Intradermal Nevus, with focal atypia. The reports indicate that there are orderly nests of Melancytic... READ MORE

Can I Remove This Mole With Laser, Localized Radiation or Topical Chemotherapy? (photo)

A small mole on my cheek was determined to be a melanocyte of moderate atypia. The dermatologist recommended that the rest be removed with a 2-3mm... READ MORE

Does a Facial Mole Which Was Determined by a Biopsy to Be a "Melanocyte of Moderate Atypia" Really Need to Be Removed?

A small mole on my cheek was determined to be a melanocyte of moderate atypia. The dermatologist recommended that the rest be removed with a 2-3mm... READ MORE

Is Melanocytic Nervus a Normal Mole?

Hello. I had a mole removed and the biopsy result came as "melanocytic nevus, lentiginous type with moderate cytologic atypia, completely excised". Is... READ MORE

Looking for more info on a "severely atypical compound melanocytic nevus."

On July 7, a dermatologist removed a small freckle/mole from my left calf. It was about 2 mm in diameter. It came back as severely atypical. It was... READ MORE

Is this normal? (Photo)

I had a tan mole removed a month ago came back an atypical compound nevus with mild melanocytic dysplasia and a couple weeks after spotty black spots... READ MORE

Dysplastic compound nevus with moderate melanocytic atypia?

I got 3 moles removed last week. One (which I've had since I was a kid) came back as dysplastic nevus with moderate melanocytic atypia. The doctor... READ MORE

Dermatologist pathology report results: What grade of atypia for biopsy mole? Not labeled

Nests of nevus cells present along the lateral aspects and bases of the elongated rete ridges. The nests are small and contain relatively uniform... READ MORE

Is melanocytic nevus a normal mole?

Hello. I had a skin excision, there was mole removed 25 years ago (do not have any results) and result came as" recurrent /persistent, predominantly... READ MORE

New tiny mole appearing from place of an excised mole (which was mildly dysplastic). Re-excise? Other moles are ok. (photo)

A tiny Mole appeared at edge of excised mole(9months prior).Prior Biopsy report says:Diagnosis-Mildly dysplastic compound melanocytic nevus... READ MORE

Should I be worried? Derm didn't check any other moles on me? I went in yesterday (4/5/17) for bigger excision? (Photos)

Sudden appearance of what looked like a blood blister on my Right Mid flank. I had a punch biopsy of 4mm. Results: Inflamed Intradermal Melanocytic... READ MORE

Can you help deciphering my biopsy on two mole's I had removed?

Traumatized intradermal melanocytic nevus. Microscopic description: The dermis shows nests of benign-appearing melanocytes. In some areas the nevus... READ MORE

Do I have melanoma and should I get the pricy operation dermatologist recommends?

Dermatologist Diagnosis was: Early evolving melanoma in situ. The lab report for biopsy reads: At the dermal-epidermal junction there is a poorly-... READ MORE

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