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I Have Hundreds Upon Hundreds of Moles. I Want Them Gone!

I have hundreds upon hundres of moles on my arms, legs, back, and chest. My derm won't remove them as they are benign and insurance won't... READ MORE

Should I Have my Mole Removed by my Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon?

I have a mole on my left shin, right in the middle. It's not too big, but i hate it. Nothing is wrong with it, i just dislike its appearance and... READ MORE

A mole I had removed has grown back and is itchy. Should I go see my dermatologist again? (photos)

I went to my dermatologist about 6 months ago to ask her about a mole I had on my leg. She didn't like how it looked and did a shave biopsy of it,... READ MORE

Mederma for Post-Mole Removal Scars?

I used a natural mole remover called Dermatend on my leg and was left with flat, red scars.does Mederma help with this type of scar and will mederma... READ MORE

How Do I Know if the Lump on my Leg is Cancerous or Not? (photo)

I have a hard lump on my shin and it bleeds when I hit it shaving, and sometimes it hurts when I touch it. It's gotten a little bigger and I feel... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of red strawberry moles or hemangiomas? (Photo)

I have them all over mostly on back and abdomen. But some on arms legs even one near by pubic hair line. The older I get the more I notice . READ MORE

My Mole Removal Scar is Purple/black, Should I Worry?

I had a mole removed on my leg about a month and a half ago, and the scar hasn't subsided. It's still a very deep purple/black. The results... READ MORE

I Have Sun Induced Flat Moles All over my Legs. Can They Be Removed?

I have sun induced moles on my legs. My dermatologist is not intrested in my cosmetic concerns at all. I hate my legs and refuse to where dresses or... READ MORE

Cortisone Shot After Mole Removal?

Hi, I had done a mole removal behind my knee. It got raised and red, so the doctor told me to get a cortisone shot. After I received a cortisone shot,... READ MORE

10 yrs post Mole Removal on leg, it grew back pre-cancerous, size of a pencil eraser with irregular borders. Possible Melanoma?

It is tan, "no" itching or oozing, about the size of a pencil eraser,it does have an irregular border...does this sound like melenoma READ MORE

Repigmented Itchy Mole?

I am a middle aged male, dark hair, medium complexion. I had a shave biopsy a year and a half ago on a lesion back of my leg, came back as mild... READ MORE

How Long for Deep Stitches to Come Out?

5 months ago I had a tiny mole removed from my leg and the procedure left me with a 2 inch scar (I think this one was basal cell abnormality). Over... READ MORE

I have a mole on right side of my leg. Should i have it have removed or just leave it alone? (Photo)

I have a mole on right side of leg. that itches around it , should i have it have removed or just live it alone ? READ MORE

3-4 months post op, it is still fairly red. Is this normal? (photos)

I had small mole removed on my leg this past early March, the biopsy came back normal. . It is still fairly red, is this normal healing? Will the I... READ MORE

I have a large (about a quarter size) (non-cancerous) mole on my leg, I want it removed ASAP (Photo)

My mole is not cancerous and it's flat for the most part. I went to get it removed, but it's a about $2,000. I've heard about home removal treatments... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about a scabbing mole? (Photo)

I've had this mole on my leg for as long as I can remember. I get annual skin checks from a specialist, and they always tell me its normal. Over the... READ MORE

Should I worry about this mole? (phoots)

I have a mole on my leg and my friends think I should get it checked out. I have had it forever and have nicked it while shaving many times and picked... READ MORE

Should discolored spot on heel be removed for biopsy? (photos)

A couple months ago I had a wide excision to remove a suspicious mole from my right leg that came back moderate to severely atypical. Shortly... READ MORE

I had a mole removed from my leg 3.5 months ago. Over the past few days, I've been noticing pain in the area.

The pain seems to be relived if I take painkillers. Sometimes it stays away, sometimes it comes back right away. I'm really not sure what to do. READ MORE

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