Jaw Line + Mole Removal

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Which Part of Body Do Keloid Occurs?

I read that there is a high chance keloid will occur along the jawline. I'm considering getting the raised mole on my chin removed. I am keloid... READ MORE

Got a Mole on my Jawline Excised with Stitches, It Has Healed Well but How to Prevent the Scar from Being Raised? (photo)

My mole & the stitches came off its only been 2 weeks and its healing so well Im surprised. I cannot see any scar just a faint light pink fine... READ MORE

Mole on my jawline, should I have it removed? (Photo)

I have a mole on my jaw line that has never been a problem but the older I get the more of a problem it causes with my confidence. I want to get this... READ MORE

Large brown mark (pigmentation) after mole removal. How do I fix it? (Photo)

I got a mole removed under my jaw line about 2 and half months ago now and it is still very brown. It was cut up with a scalpel. I had two other on my... READ MORE

Afternoon doctors, I have a mole below my jaw line that had gradually changed over four years. Any suggestions? (photo)

I've had the mole for aslomg as I can remember but it has changed over four years, it has grown ever so slightly and has always been raised but seems... READ MORE

Is it possible to get my two facial moles removed with minimal scarring? (Photo)

Hi, I have a raised mole between my eyes that is skin colored. I have asked my dermatologist about getting it removed but he has not suggested it.... READ MORE

Wanting to know if by having one keloid does that make me certain to get another after cosmetic surgery in a different area?

I recently had 2 moles removed. 1 on my jawline and 1 on behind my ear on my neck. Before all of this I had cut my shoulder and a growth appeared and... READ MORE

Cosmetic mole removal for a reasonable price? (photo)

I am looking to have a mole removed from my chin/jawline area. I can not spend $300-$400 which is what the top surgeons in my area are charging for... READ MORE

Botched mole biopsy - does it make sense to have a plastic surgeon take over? Can one even find a P.S. to do this? (photo)

A week ago I had a facial mole biopsied by a dermatologist. The dermatologist told me I could expect a 5-7mm scar. He didn't warn me about the 1" long... READ MORE

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