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Is Surgery Necessary for Moderate Atypical Moles?

I'm 22 next week & have had numerous Melanoma scares. I've had surgery on my hand (severe atypia) & surgery on my stomach (mild... READ MORE

My Mole Has a Dark Red Ring Around It, is It Dangerous? (photo)

A few months ago, the hairdresser noticed a dark red ring around my mole. It's right behind my ear, about 5 cm above and 3 cm behind. It's... READ MORE

Is This a Benign or Malignant Mole, and Would Removing It Leave a Scar? (photo)

Hi, I have had this mole on the back of my head for a few years. I finally took a picture of it. I was wondering, is it malignant looking? Also, if I... READ MORE

I'm really getting worried about this mole on the side of my head. Is this something that should be taken care of immediately?

I can't really tell the exact color, if it's two different shades. I don't think it's asymmetrical but it's not perfectly symmetrical and the boarders... READ MORE

Mole On Head Has Been There For 2 Months. Has Gotten a Bit Larger? (photo)

I have a mole on the top of my head that has been present for about 2 months now. First came in it looked like a pimple but it has not gone away and... READ MORE

Will I have a bald spot after I have mole removed from my head?

I have a mole in my hair that I would like to have removed because it is pretty big. I am a guy and I keep my hair pretty short. Is there a way that... READ MORE

Bulbous/cauliflower mole on the back of my head - Can it be removed? (Photo)

I cut my hair extremely short today as I'm balding and it was a matter of time. As I was cutting it, I revealed a large mole - pic related, it's... READ MORE

I have had this mole on my head for a long time. Should I be worried? (photos)

I have had this mole thing on my head for a long time. But it use to be smaller and more of a circle. Noticed today it has enlarged and sticks out... READ MORE

I have a raised mole on my head, hard brushing my hair, and its bringing my confidence down. Any suggestions?

3-4mm high, 5-6mm wide its skin colour and Ive had it since I was born an I'm 16 now, it gets scabby and sometimes bleeds. READ MORE

Is there any restrictions after surgery, if so how long? What about after staples are removed, and again how long?

I'm having a mole removed located on my head about 2 inches wide, staples removed 2weeks after. My concern is just really how long everything takes to... READ MORE

Could a raised skin colored mole be melanoma? (photo)

Had a mole on the top of my head for about 5 years now. I noticed it with my first pregnancy. It has grown alot in 5 years. Bigger than the end of a... READ MORE

Mole removed, stitches taken out and something else being removed with the stitches. What is it? (photo)

When removing my Husband's stitches from where he had a mole removed on his head, one stitch appeared to be attached to something. After some gentle... READ MORE

I was born w/ a mole on my head. In the past year I've noticed it has changed color & size also found two lumps. Any suggestion?

I measured the lump at appr. 7 milimeters and it is really bumpy and darker now also the first lump i found behind my ear appr. 6 months ago its not... READ MORE

I have a weird mole I'm concerned about. Please help!

I was born with a mole on my head but it was very small now it has grown and im worried about it because i feel it grow more as i age i am very... READ MORE

10 days post op Mole Removal, the wound is not healing. Any suggestions? (photos)

10 days before i did mole removed from my head and cheek using electrolysis burnt method,i am cleaning with episoft twice daily and and apply betadine... READ MORE

What is this red lump on my head? My mum said it was a mole. (Photo)

Hello, I have something on my head. My mum and brother says it was a pimple, but my mum is now unsure. She said it was a mole as I always had one... READ MORE

I have a mole on the side of my head and I want to get it removed but because of the location what could happen? (Photo)

I am 17 and this mole appeared on the side of my head around the age of 11. Over the years it has changed in size, color, shape, even gets harder and... READ MORE

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