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Removing flesh-toned mole on head

I have an ugly big mole on my head and I want to have it removed. It is of the same color of my scalp and its shape has changed, it looks kind of like... READ MORE

Removal of Hairy Mole From Cheek - Post-op Expectations / Scarring?

I have a twenty cents sized pigmented hairy mole on my side cheek (congenital nevi)and would like to have it removed as it has been affected my life... READ MORE

Raised Mole Removal, Which Procedure is Best, and What Results Should I Expect?

I have a mole between my eyes which used to flat but grew bigger over the years and even started growing hair. I'm wondering what kind of... READ MORE

I have had a mole on eyebrow removed twice and it grew back. How can I treat permanently? (photos)

I have a mole on my eyebrow , i have them removed twice when i was 11 and 12 , but it kept growing back and growing bigger. should i be concern it... READ MORE

I want remove a mole and black spot around the mole. What is the best procedure? Should it be without any side effect? (Photo)

I have black mole on my left chick at center and it contains hair. In addition there has been dark spot around it.some times i feel itchiness on black... READ MORE

How do I remove a mole from my eyebrow while keeping the hair? (photo)

I have that pigmented brown mole in the center of my left eyebrow that grows with me, I went to that surgeon who told me that I would lose my eyebrow... READ MORE

Mole removal on face (Keloid tendency). Which methods of mole removal to lessen the chances of keloid in place of mole. (photos)

Want to remove facial mole I'm not sure if I have keloid tendency, but I have two keloids on sternum area. I got these keloids when I shaved my chest,... READ MORE

I have a raised mole about the size of a pencil eraser near the crown of my hair. Any suggestions?

My derm said that it will need to be removed surgically and closed with stitches. She will need to shave a small patch of my hair. I have long... READ MORE

Mole okay by derm, but worried! Details and pics inside. (photos)

I had this mole on my leg for at least 2 years (probably longer). It is about 3x2mm. Derm check it out (w dermatoscope), said it was OK and there was... READ MORE

Could a raised skin colored mole be melanoma? (photo)

Had a mole on the top of my head for about 5 years now. I noticed it with my first pregnancy. It has grown alot in 5 years. Bigger than the end of a... READ MORE

What should I do about my mole? (Photo)

I wasn't born with it , it kinda just sprouted out of nowhere and it makes my very insecure where ever I go, pleaseeee help. It has a hair in the... READ MORE

I'm considering removing these 3 moles and was wondering which method would be the best for a less scarring result? (Photo)

I have had 2 of these moles since I was born and the one on my cheek is new and slowly growing. These moles are flat, darK, and has hair. Because they... READ MORE

I have two bumps on my nose that grow hair and have blood vessels. (photos)

I would like to know what they are and removal advice. I have been to numerous dermatologist and plastic surgeons that will not touch them because of... READ MORE

Would removing this mole be possible, and if so, how might it be done and how much would it cost? (photos)

I've had this mole on the right side of my face ever since I was little. I wanna say probably about 7-9 was the age I was at when it started to "grow... READ MORE

Am I able to shower after having a mole excision with stitches?

I had a mole excision midway down my back today and I have stitches. I would like to wash my hair and the rest of my body. Can I wash my hair if I... READ MORE

I have a big mole, is it a melanoma?

I have a big mole on my face since birth,and dont know that mole can cause cancerous,lately i read about mole and for that i was so nervous,im 32 yrs... READ MORE

Hair laser mole removal. Is there any chance it may grow back?

I went to remove the hair that's above my mouth with a laser, and i have this little mole, and within days after the laser it flaked, the doctor... READ MORE

I have a mole with hairs growing out with it is it easy to get rid of? (photo)

I have a mole with hairs growing out of it&it is really embarrasing to show it to anyone,i always wear long sleaved tops so no1 can see it,is it easy... READ MORE

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