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What to Do About Growing Mole Near Eye?

I have a Growth beside my eye. It started out as cute and distinguishing little mole but its growing too much for me now. I've been to a dermatologist... READ MORE

Any suggestions for the mole on my left buttocks (lower)? (photos)

I didn't recognize this mole from last year it grew in the middle of nowhere . I thought I should let it be it will go away or something but still it... READ MORE

Rapid Growth of Basal Cell?

I have had one basal cell carcinoma removed before. I noticed a new bump, red, non-healing, about 6 months ago. I'm pretty sure it's a basal cell, as... READ MORE

How to Tell if I Mole is Cancerous?

I have a mole on my breast, it's been there for as long as i can remember but over the years it has grown in size and darkened..but then it got... READ MORE

Had my first baby a yr ago in Aug, since then I noticed maybe a mo after this mole on my lower outside of left Breast? (photo)

It has grown in size as has changed in color as as you can see has a halo that was not previously there. It is flush with my skin thought. (Pic#2) Now... READ MORE

Is this melanoma? (photos)

I have this thing for five years and it started to grow is this melanoma or some kind of cancer READ MORE

Fusiform Mole Removal Doctor Referral?

Wanted to know if there are any dermatologist or surgeons in the Annapolis, Rockville, Maryland or Washington DC area that perform fusiform mole... READ MORE

I am 29 male. I am looking for removal of the mole on my face. Any suggestions? (photos)

The mole has been there since I was 13. Now the mole has grown a bit in size and secondly a hair is coming out of it. I have got two keloids on my... READ MORE

Should I Be Worried About This Mole? (photo)

I've had this mole since before I can remember.ive never been worried about it but I looked at it today and it seems to be changing it looks weird and... READ MORE

I have this black/purple pump/mole. Will it continue to grow? (photos)

I have a bump that appeared out of no where on my back, it started small and it looked kind of like a black head so I picked and pinched. This caused... READ MORE

Mole Biopsy with 'Something in it'?

I have a history of Dysplastic Nevi with 3 biopsies 3yrs ago (precancerous w/subsequent excisions). At today's full body check they did 4 more & I... READ MORE

Mole like growth on the left side of the forehead. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have a mole like structure growing at the forehead. It is growing fast day by day. I don't know how to treat it. I have approached several... READ MORE

My daughter has mole on ear lobe?

It was a small dot like mole b4 bt now its become big,skin specialists say dont remove it ,it will grow bigger n bigger? READ MORE

Electrocautery mole removal; if it grows back, will it be as big as before?

I had a mole removal 7 days back... i had electrocautery mole removal and the doctor told me that he will not go deeply because it will caused a... READ MORE

Is this Nodular Melanoma ? (photos)

Hello, I'm from germany and i'm really afraid at the moment. I have a black/brown mole between stomach and breast, which i havent had 2 years ago. 40... READ MORE

I have a mole that has a growth. Does it need immediate attention? (Photo)

I have a mole that was accidentally scratched a couple of weeks ago and now has a growth coming out it. It is really tender and has some fluid coming... READ MORE

Can moles crust over and peel off skin when you take vitamin d3 tablets?

Recently started taking vitamin d3 supplements. After seeing a dermatologist and advising me to take a vitamin d3 tablet regularly and noticed that... READ MORE

The mole grew twice in size over night, painful to touch. Neck muscles below the mole hurt a well. Any suggestions? (photo)

Hello. Not sure what to do since i am on some island in Thailand where there is no dermatologist. Two days ago i felt pain coming from my neck,... READ MORE

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