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Punch Biopsy or Shave Biopsy for a Suspicious Mole?

I have medium skin tone with lot's of freckles and moles. I have had several moles removed via shave biopsy in the past. A new derm with great... READ MORE

I would like the moles/freckles on my arms removed, what's the best possible way to do so without scarring? (photos)

I've been very self conscious about my moles for quite some time. I have them all over my arms, and I was teased growing up- called a cheetah, that I... READ MORE

Can I get this freckle/mole removed on my lip? (Photo)

Hi docs, I got this freckle or mole on my lip after sunbed use (I don't use anymore) and was just wondering how i could get rid of it. It is not... READ MORE

Cost of Laser Freckle Removal? (photo)

I want to get the 2 dark brown spots on my face removed. I'm pretty sure they are freckles as they are flat. How much would it cost for something so... READ MORE

Freckles Form 3 Months After Mildly Atypical Mole Removal?

My 14 year old daughter had a 3-4 mm mole removed from her thigh by shaving. The biopsy showed it to be mildly atypical. 3 months later we went into... READ MORE

Freckle and mole removal. What are my options? I am of African American descent if that makes a difference. (Photo)

I have several freckles and moles on my face and would like them removed. What are my options as far as removal? I am of African American decent if... READ MORE

I have strange freckle/mole on my finger. Should I be concerned about it? (photo)

It has popped up seven months ago and still remains the same (size, shape). Does it look odd to you? I will be thankful for your help READ MORE

How to fix my splotchy complexion and moles? (photos)

Hello and thanks for reading my question. I have a very splotchy face with different shades, freckles and moles all over. How could I fix this? All of... READ MORE

19 year old Caucasian female (Ashkenazi Jewish). Slightly strange mole/freckle on side of leg, about 4in below left hip? (Photo)

I dont tan. I use sunscreen. Area w/ mole always covered. It's the size of a pencil eraser. Light brown w/ brown/black center. 8 months ago... READ MORE

I have MANY small moles on my face, what can I do to have a clear complexion? Dermatologist has no options for me. (photo)

I have MANY small moles, and I'm not sure what can be done to get a clear face. I think I have some freckles mixed in a bit, but a lot of them seem to... READ MORE

I don't know if it's a mole or freckle or something else, but can it be removed without scarring? (Photo)

I've been trying to cover it with makeup but there's always that bump. It's a bit rased but it looks like it's very flat. Please help READ MORE

Can these moles/freckles be removed completely? (Photos)

My mother is very prone to mole development, and I think I may have gotten skin similar to hers. I have previously attempted to rid myself of these... READ MORE

Cosmetic treatment for flat moles? (Photo)

I got flat dark moles or freckles all over my belly.. I'm guessing from indoor tanning for years.. They look similar to the ones in this picture.. I... READ MORE

Can a new brown spot on my nose be dangerous? Female - age 26.

I am 26 and have developed a brown age spot on my nose that was never there before. Is there a chance this could be dangerous? It is very small the... READ MORE

Is it possible to get rid of hundreds of moles and freckles on my body? (photos)

I cannot stand to show my back and arms anymore. I have hundreds of spots, from large moles to small freckles. Some people have gasped at me in a tank... READ MORE

What are my options to reduce these moles/freckles on my chest, shoulders & arms? (Photo)

I am in my early 30s. Tanned a lot when I was younger (teenager, early 20s) but soon realized the damage I was doing.... I am pretty good about... READ MORE

Should I be concerned that I have to wait one month to see dermatologist?

In December of 2014 I noticed a tiny freckly on my stomach was scabbed over and raised. I have been paying attention to it and it has done this three... READ MORE

Is this a freckle or mole forming? (photos)

I have about 9 very small, flat, brown moles on my face, most of which in the general area of my left cheek. I have tried many at home remedies to... READ MORE

Can electrical stimulation cause moles to turn cancerous?

Hi, I recently brought an electrical stimulation device for my face to help with wrinkles but in the instructions it says not to place on moles, why... READ MORE

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