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Fading Mole?

Hi Doctors. I have a question. I have a mole that i have had for a LONG time on the cartledge on my ear. Looking back at a pic from 7 years ago it was... READ MORE

Nevus Shaved 2 Months Ago, Will The Indentation and Brown Color Fade With Time?

In 1994, I had all of a nevus's (on face) color removed via numerous laser treatments. 2 mos. ago, I had the raised (now colorless) portion of the... READ MORE

Will Mederma Help Fade Scars Left from IPL used to Remove Moles?

I got IPL done on some sun spots/moles and I was told to put Mederma on the places where the scab falls off and the skin underneath is pink. After... READ MORE

Will red scar from mole removal fade? (photo)

I had a slightly big light-brown mole on my right cheek that was as deep in my skin as it was elevated. I had it removed by dermatologist. I believe... READ MORE

I Have a Purplish Blood Spot That is Worrying Me, I'm Constantly Googling and is Really Freaking Me out?

The purple mark comes and goes, I've had it for about a month, in the exact same place, it will show up then fade then come back. This has happened 4... READ MORE

Will A big Mole Removal leave a scar? (photo)

Im Booked to have a mole removed on my face this Saturday Im worried I know any kind of trauma will leave a scar but how big ? Will it fade over time?... READ MORE

After a mole removal is this normal? How long will it take to fade? (photo)

So I removed a mole with a liquid that removes warts because I was too self conscious to talk to a doctor. It's called duofilm. However it has now... READ MORE

Can a mole fade in time and only leave a bit of pigment behind?

I had a mole about 2mm and medium brown inbetween my fingers. I never thought much about it until recently I noticed it had faded. I never grew or... READ MORE

Brown skin around my mole after two weeks after removal. Is this normal? (photos)

Two weeks before I got my mole removed by electrosurgery, my doctor gave me Fudic ointment to use on effected area. every thing is fine even the scab... READ MORE

How can I fade this regrown mole?

I have remove my mole on my face scratching by my hand..bt nw its again become darker and the mole has regrown..its very irritating for me..wat shud I... READ MORE

I have these patches on my skin, does it look like melanoma? (photos)

They have been there for six weeks, have faded a little, and re appeared. A doctor just told me it looks like melanoma, and has referred me for... READ MORE

Post op Mole Removal, a scar/wound got stretched and turned dark. Will it fade after a while?

I had stitches from a mole removal removed near my lip yesterday. The problem was that the day after, I was eating and I guess I opened my mouth too... READ MORE

Concerned about melanoma regression.

Is is possible for a mole to almost fade completely away from the side of my foot? I had a mole on the side of my foot that was there for as long as I... READ MORE

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