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Fading Mole?

Hi Doctors. I have a question. I have a mole that i have had for a LONG time on the cartledge on my ear. Looking back at a pic from 7 years ago it was... READ MORE

Nevus Shaved 2 Months Ago, Will The Indentation and Brown Color Fade With Time?

In 1994, I had all of a nevus's (on face) color removed via numerous laser treatments. 2 mos. ago, I had the raised (now colorless) portion of the... READ MORE

Will Mederma Help Fade Scars Left from IPL used to Remove Moles?

I got IPL done on some sun spots/moles and I was told to put Mederma on the places where the scab falls off and the skin underneath is pink. After... READ MORE

Brown skin around my mole after two weeks after removal. Is this normal? (photos)

Two weeks before I got my mole removed by electrosurgery, my doctor gave me Fudic ointment to use on effected area. every thing is fine even the scab... READ MORE

Scratched mole will regrow back to original size or irregular size? (photo)

Hi, recently i got a mole on my face but i don't like and started to scratch it off. Around 2 or 3 week later, it regrow into faded gray or black with... READ MORE

Will red scar from mole removal fade? (photo)

I had a slightly big light-brown mole on my right cheek that was as deep in my skin as it was elevated. I had it removed by dermatologist. I believe... READ MORE

I Have a Purplish Blood Spot That is Worrying Me, I'm Constantly Googling and is Really Freaking Me out?

The purple mark comes and goes, I've had it for about a month, in the exact same place, it will show up then fade then come back. This has happened 4... READ MORE

Flat mole on my cheek, will aloe vera make it fade away? (Photo)

The mole isn't itchy or anything i just feel insecure about it.. will aloe vera help? READ MORE

After a mole removal is this normal? How long will it take to fade? (photo)

So I removed a mole with a liquid that removes warts because I was too self conscious to talk to a doctor. It's called duofilm. However it has now... READ MORE

Will A big Mole Removal leave a scar? (photo)

Im Booked to have a mole removed on my face this Saturday Im worried I know any kind of trauma will leave a scar but how big ? Will it fade over time?... READ MORE

Can a mole fade in time and only leave a bit of pigment behind?

I had a mole about 2mm and medium brown inbetween my fingers. I never thought much about it until recently I noticed it had faded. I never grew or... READ MORE

Is there anything i can do to fix the scar from my mole removal on the face? (photos)

Micro-surgical techniques using high power magnification (6~8X Loupe) and very fine suture lines (Typically 7-0 size) this is what was used to remove... READ MORE

Is it possible to fade a mole?

I have hyper-pigmentation due to my birth control and my parents. Therefore, I have many small, flat moles all over my face and body. I wear SPF 30... READ MORE

When will redness from mole removal fade? (Photo)

I had a mole removed next to my nose about a month ago. It's still red and a little raised (like a scar) (see pic) How long on average does it take... READ MORE

Mole removal redness scar. Will these scars fade over time? (Photo)

Hello doctors, I had seven mole removal on my face about 2weeks ago, and left with these marks, I am very worried. I would like to ask that will these... READ MORE

I have these patches on my skin, does it look like melanoma? (photos)

They have been there for six weeks, have faded a little, and re appeared. A doctor just told me it looks like melanoma, and has referred me for... READ MORE

Post op Mole Removal, a scar/wound got stretched and turned dark. Will it fade after a while?

I had stitches from a mole removal removed near my lip yesterday. The problem was that the day after, I was eating and I guess I opened my mouth too... READ MORE

Concerned about melanoma regression.

Is is possible for a mole to almost fade completely away from the side of my foot? I had a mole on the side of my foot that was there for as long as I... READ MORE

Mole removed and now wound has developed a white spot on the scar. (Photo)

I had two moles removed on my right breast 3 weeks ago. The scars had scabbed and were just a little red so after 2 weeks I had my stitches out and... READ MORE

I had a mole that was pretty flat shaved off my face about 6 weeks ago. Will this color fade with time? Thank you. (photo)

It was done on my cheek. Biopsy was normal. The doctor (who was actually a physicians assistant) went kind of deep and wide for a shave. It was a... READ MORE

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