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What Can I Expect From Mole Removal Recovery By Excision?

Hello, I went to a plastic surgeon to see my mole and he suggested me to remove it by excision. I am worried about the recovery time because I dont... READ MORE

Removal of Hairy Mole From Cheek - Post-op Expectations / Scarring?

I have a twenty cents sized pigmented hairy mole on my side cheek (congenital nevi)and would like to have it removed as it has been affected my life... READ MORE

I Would Like to Get my Mole Removed but Im Not Sure if I Should. What Kind of Scar Would It Leave? (photo)

I have a light brown mole that is on my nose and is visable...about how big of a scar will be left left behind? READ MORE

Facial Mole Removal. How Bad Will Scarring Be? (photo)

I have several moles on my face that I would like to have removed. What would be the best way to do it and how bad would the scarring be? I cracked my... READ MORE

Birthmark Excision Surgery in 3 Days.

I'm having a round black birthmark(a little larger than a pencil eraser) removed from my cheek in a couple of days by a plastic surgeon. He said... READ MORE

Raised Mole Removal, Which Procedure is Best, and What Results Should I Expect?

I have a mole between my eyes which used to flat but grew bigger over the years and even started growing hair. I'm wondering what kind of... READ MORE

What Are my Options for Removing Facial Moles? (photo)

I'm considering getting raised moles on my face removed for cosmetic reasons. I have provided a picture to give you an idea of their size... READ MORE

What is the Best Option for my Mole Removal? (photo)

Hi to all the doctors. Im really confused what is the best for my mole removal. I really want it to be removed but im just scared What will be the... READ MORE

What Can I Expect at my Removal Tomorrow?

I have a mole on my chin that is raised and hard. What can I expect when I go for removal tomorrow? READ MORE

Broken nose and mole removal? Cost? (Photo)

I broke my nose many years ago and I'm ready to fix it. I have breathing problems on the broken side. It appears to be dented. I would like for the... READ MORE

Removal of facial moles/bumps/freckles, dermatologist vs plastic surgeon and costs to expect? (Photo)

Hi- I have a few bumps around my nose that may be warts or just small bumps. I have a birth mark and some freckles or small moles on my check and... READ MORE

What results should I expect for my mole removal?

I would like to remove 5 moles from my face. I will insert pictures of the moles I would like to remove. Should I opt for laser or surgical excision?... READ MORE

I have 2 large moles on my forehead. What procedure would be used to remove with minimal scarring? (photo)

As stated above these moles are more like balls of tissue not flat moles. It almost looks like if they keep growing sooner or later they would fall... READ MORE

Best procedure for removing (1) large flattish mole & (2) pronounced chin mole on teenager (photos)

I am confused about the different type of procedures but is there a "best" type of procedure for removing these 2 different types of moles on my very... READ MORE

How much should I expect to pay for cosmetic removal of moles and who should I go to for this?

One on left side of forhead past hair line but visable when I put my hair up. And two center of torso upder boobs. READ MORE

What kind of scarring would I expect from mole removal? Would it heal to the point where there is absolute no mark left? (Photo)

I would like to remove all of the moles on my cheek. More so the one below my eye and the lighter colored mole. READ MORE

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