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What Can I Expect From Mole Removal Recovery By Excision?

Hello, I went to a plastic surgeon to see my mole and he suggested me to remove it by excision. I am worried about the recovery time because I dont... READ MORE

What is the Mole excision healing time?

I had a 7mm x 7mm mole removed almost 4 weeks ago. I've been putting Vaseline or Neosporin on it and have kept it covered the entire time. It still... READ MORE

Mole Removal - Can I Get Radio Surgery?

I am wondering why it seems that plastic surgeons do not use the method of radio surgery for mole removal? Or maybe some do? I understand there is... READ MORE

1 month post op of Mole Removal, my mole grew back after excision and stitches. What treatment do I need? (photo)

I had a mole on my back removed about a month ago. It was "abnormally big and discoloured" hence the reason it was to be removed, just in case. It was... READ MORE

Do Moles Come Back After Excision?

I've had three mildly atypical moles removed by excision surgery. Margins clear. Just wondering, is it often that moles come back? I understand they... READ MORE

My excision doesn't seem to be healing. Is it infected inside? What do I do? (photo)

I had 3 moles on my face excised 2 months ago. 2 are hardly noticeable. One is very sore inside. It is protruding and very red. I gave it a little... READ MORE

Is my mole excision wound infected? (Photo)

I got a mole from my lower back shaved off about 3 weeks ago. I have been washing it regularly and using Neosporin and a band aid each day. However,... READ MORE

When Can I Apply Makeup to a Shave Excised Mole?

My mole was shave excised and cauterized about one week ago and has yet to scab up. I've been cleaning the site with Bactine disinfecting spray,... READ MORE

Indentation from Mole Shave Excision on Face. What Can I Do to Fix It? (photo)

I had a shave biopsy done on my face for a raised mole or a mole. It has left me with a round gaping hole. It has been almost 2 weeks and i am very... READ MORE

Repigmentation Occurring Six Months After a Dysplastic Nevus (With Severe Changes) Removed?

Today, at my follow up, my dermatologist re-excised the pigmentation that returned in the center of the scar left from the first excision. My first... READ MORE

Bump on Mole Excision Scar? (photo)

I had a mildly atypical mole completely excised. It's been over a month and the scar healed nicely but in the last week a small bump with a dark... READ MORE

Shave Excision for Moles. Risk?

Just two days ago I had three moles removed. I had seen a dermatologist who advised me they looked benign. The size ranges from 6mm to the largest... READ MORE

I Had Two Moles Removed Today on my Face by Shave Excision. Doc Give Me Antibiotics to Prevent Infection? (photo)

Should I cover my scar or leave it open? my Doc told me to leave it open and keep it moist with polysporin. Is there anything else I should know and... READ MORE

Can Re-exision for a Moderate Atypical Mole Be Postponed a Few Months?

I had a punch biopsy done for a mole and the result came back as displastic nervous with moderate atypia extending to the peripheral margin. The... READ MORE

I have a facial mole I would like removed for cosmetic reasons. What technique is best (and safest)? (Photo)

I have a mole on my chin, and would like this removed. I have heard of excision, shaving, laser and radio frequency. Which technique would give me the... READ MORE

Suture Indents - Looks Like A Dogs Ear After Excision

I had 2 mole excisions done a about 2 1/2 months ago. One was on my nose and the small mole was under the skin. I did not know what it was until... READ MORE

Excision of Flat Mole

So I had a dark brown raised mole in the center of my nose, and had it removed 3 years ago and it grew back slightly lighter and flat and I hate it... READ MORE

Original Mole Biopsy Area Still Healing, when Should I Schedule Re-excision?

I had a biopsy on a mole and the result came back as moderate atypia extending to the peripheral margin. The doctor said I should have more removed... READ MORE

Mole coming back after excision.

I had a large asymmetric mole removed from my back a few weeks ago in an excision removal under local anaesthetic which has left me with around a two... READ MORE

Mole excision post care in more details?

Hi. Its been over two weeks since my op. After eleven days my stitches were removed and only after exactly two weeks I removed my dressing. Scab... READ MORE

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