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I want to remove a mole on my breast, but I'm afraid of getting a keloid scar. Is cider vinegar an effective method? (photo)

I went in to a derm to have a few moles removed he did not want to remove the one on my breast stating stitches don't hold well there and it will look... READ MORE

Can I Remove a Mole at Home with Duct Tape?

I read online that if you clean the mole area with soap and water then let it to dry then put a piece of duct tape on the mole and leave it on for 5-6... READ MORE

Small Flat Mole Removal

I have 5 small round flat moles which are dark brown in colour. I have white skin. I would just like to ask which would be the best way to remove them... READ MORE

Is advanced electrolysis a safe and effective way to remove moles?

Mole that are quite big, raised with dark hair, so well routed? would they grow back? would it leave a scar? READ MORE

This Raised Mole on my Face Looks Suspicious, Remove? (photo)

Hi, I am planning on getting this raised mole removed, and was wondering which method would be the most effective method of removal READ MORE

Can I remove flat moles on my face with apple cider vinegar?

I have a lot of flat moles on my face that are lowering my self confidence. I want to get rid of them, but I want to use home remedies only. Would... READ MORE

Are There Any New Effective Treatments for Syringiomas?

Are There Any New Effective Treatments for Syringiomas? READ MORE

What is the most preferable way to remove mole? And it can be removed or not? (photo)

Recently I had an mole on upper lid of my right eye. So what is the most preferable way to remove it? And suggest effective medicine to remove? READ MORE

What is the most effective way to completely remove a raised mole in my upper lip? (photos)

I have a raised mole in my upper lip that is kind of getting bigger in the span of almost 15 years. I wanted to know what are the effective ways to... READ MORE

How to get rid of a normal mole?

Just a regular moles. A "beauty mark" as some may call it. What's the most EFFECTIVE way to get rid of these - whether naturally, by freezing, or by... READ MORE

How to get rid of a flat mole? (Photo)

What procedure or what exactly would have to be done to get rid of this mole? can I get rid of it with essential oils like castor oil,oregano oil... READ MORE

What are the most efficient methods for removing flat moles?

I have lots of flat moles on my face, and they don't bother me too much. However, there's this one mole that's looks really bad. It's worth mentioning... READ MORE

What will happen to my mole? What will happen to my skin? Does this remedy work? (Photo)

I have about 5 moles under my eye. And I put smashed up peices of raw garlic on top and covered it. It's starting to burn really bad and the moles are... READ MORE

Can you get rid of benign flat moles with essential oils?

I already went to the dermatologist and got rid of the protruding moles but the flat moles can't be removed without surgery that could leave a scar so... READ MORE

What's the most effective way to remove this mole with minimal scarring? What's the price range for such procedure? (photo)

A part of it was removed to test pathology. It was determined to be benign. What are my options? READ MORE

Guide and suggest me which treatment would be most effective for my freckles and mole scar? (Photo)

Respected Doctor.. I need your Assistance for my skin laser treatment.. I m totally fedup to treat them and they still there now want some quick... READ MORE

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