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Will a Melanoma Grow Back from Shave Biopsy?

If a shave biopsy on a mole was done, and it happened to be melanoma but was misdiagnosed as benign, would the melanoma grow back in the biopsy site? READ MORE

Biopsy Results On Mole Say "Benign Appearing"?

My biopsy results say I have a "benign appearing" lesion and final diagnosis is a compound nevi. Why does it say "appearing"...to... READ MORE

Dysplastic Nevus Syndrome? How is This Diagnosed?

I saw my GP yesterday about my moles and he referred me to a plastic surgeon to biopsy of 2 of them (on back and on 5th web space of hand). As part of... READ MORE

Understanding Mole Biopsy Results; Any suggestions?

My biopsy result says "Lentiginous junctional nevus with mild atypical melanocytic hyperplasia extending to margins." How should this be... READ MORE

I have a mole type thing on my labia. I'm wondering if it is a mole or something else? (Photo)

I have a mole type thing on my labia. I'm wondering if it is a mole or something else? I don't know if I should go to a dermatologist or a obgyn. I'm... READ MORE

Is this melanoma, should I get it tested? (Photo)

Had mole on left buttock since birth. Feel like it may be larger now that I am older, but not sure. Went to see dr and they werent concerned. But,... READ MORE

Does a positive Melan A stain on a pathology report equal a melanoma?

I recently had a shave biopsy and am a bit confused by the pathology report. The final diagnosis is atypical junctional melanocytic proliferation. The... READ MORE

Do I have an early stage of melanoma based on this mole? (Photo)

This is a new mole, I haven't ever seen it before. It is uneven and doesn't have symmetry, yet it is small. It is different shades of brown, but it's... READ MORE

I have whiteheads that won't pop. What are they? Could this be a mole? (Photo)

A couple of days ago I noticed I had what appeared to be a whitehead on my upper cheek but when I tried popping it nothing came out . I've been... READ MORE

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