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I have a mole that looked dry, flaky. I picked it off.Now it's almost gone? It looks like a light brown color. Dangerous?(photo)

I went to a dermatologist 3 years ago for a mole check and recently got some mole removed from my back. 2 months ago I not a mole near my belly button... READ MORE

Is my mole a danger? I have noticed it sticks out now, it was relatively flat before. What would you say about it? (Photo)

I was just wondering, before I visit the doctors in person, if my mole looks suspicious. I have noticed it sticks out now, it was relatively flat... READ MORE

What are the dangers of using a home remedy such as apple cider vinegar to remove moles?

What are the dangers of using a home remedy such as apple cider vinegar to remove moles? Can removing moles or using home remedies lead to cancer? I... READ MORE

Is it dangerous to burn the moles off? Would burning the moles leave a scar?? Can it be healed?

I went to a doctor for mole removal last day and he applied certain cream on the moles. I had to wipe it off after an hour.. when i removed the cream... READ MORE

Could I remove my mole in my face and how much it does it cost? (Photo)

If i make an home remides it is safe or danger? if i make undergo by operation which one of them a better shave or laser? if i go on shave it have an... READ MORE

A mole started itching. Is it dangerous?

Hello Dr. I have a tiny red/Rose mole that has appeared on the side of my right breast, it starts to itch and there is also scale on the surface. I... READ MORE

I removed a mole from my face 2 years ago and hair still grows. Is it dangerous?

I still feel pain arount the area where i removed mole from my face.. and hair still grows.. Is it dangerous thing? I am afraid of having cancerous cells READ MORE

Can you help me evaluate two moles? (Photo)

I have two raised moles which one dermatologist says should be removed and two others say they should not be removed. I have them for about 20 years.... READ MORE

Can this mole be dangerous? (Photo)

Hello, I had melanoma 10 yrs ago that was removed. I had a check up last year and the doctor said i was fine but needed to check again in a year. I... READ MORE

Are moles really that dangerous?

So a few years before i had a thorn stuck right in my moleskin spot. I didnt pay much attention to it and the spot got slightly brighter. Last night i... READ MORE

Is this dangerous? And should it be removed? (Photos)

I have this 'mole' on my back, which my girlfriend recently pointed out. She said it could just be a wisdom spot or something similar but I am a bit... READ MORE

Is this a mole? Dangerous? (photo)

I have (what im assuming) a mole on my arm that is concerning me.. I have moles on my face/ neck that I've had all my life but this one is hard to the... READ MORE

Can a new brown spot on my nose be dangerous? Female - age 26.

I am 26 and have developed a brown age spot on my nose that was never there before. Is there a chance this could be dangerous? It is very small the... READ MORE

Could this dark mark on my back be a dangerous mole? (photos)

Hi all! I've noticed a small dark grey/black bump on my back for over a year, it started out flat and black like a beauty mark but now it's becoming... READ MORE

A mole at the end part of my penis. Shall I have it removed or not? What are the dangers/side effects having it removed? (photo)

The mole came out 4 years ago and I notice it grew a little bigger as time passes. I don't feel anything, it is not painful at all. 1. What type of... READ MORE

Is this a mole or a melanoma? (photos)

So i saw this yesterday and i was wondering if this mole is dangerous.It has edges and it doesnt have a round shape so i got a bit worried.Its next to... READ MORE

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