Cyst + Mole Removal

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Painful Bump After Mole Shaved On Abdomen Over 1.5 Months Ago. Got Infected, Left a Pink Scar, Now A Painful Mass?

The mole was located on my abdomen and approximately 12 mm in diameter. Biopsy results were negative and I followed wound care instructions provided... READ MORE

Why Won't an Incision on my Left Cheekbone Heal? (photo)

First a little background. Two years ago I developed a cyst on my left cheekbone. The cyst stayed for a year and a half until it got infected and... READ MORE

Scar revision after mole excision for lumps on ends, concave in middle. Worried of effects scar tissue has from prior surgery.

Had mole removed by incision. I am left with a dog ear on top and big lump on bottom. Between is a concave with a hole in the concave from a drained... READ MORE

Cysts on the scalp. Cost is roughly $250-350. Can anyone recommend a good doctor in Dallas, TX to deal with it?

I do have exactly the same issue and want it to be removed. With the references above in mind specifically about the price range as I intend to pay... READ MORE

I have a large brown mole, that seems to have an infection underneath it, possible cyst or something more serious? (Photo)

Hello, I appreciate your assistance in this matter. I have had a large brown birthmark on my neck and though it has grown over the years it's always... READ MORE

Is this a bump, mole, or cyst? Is there a way to remove or drain it? (Photo)

My mother told me this bump was from her getting her labor induced and it wasn't drained but I really just want to know what it is. I also would like... READ MORE

Cyst/pimple like structure on the mole removal - incision. (photo)

I underwent a mole removal by surgical excision a month and a half ago. Last week I noticed the appearance of a small cyst/ pimple like structure at... READ MORE

I had a sebaceous cyst removed from the fullest part of my cheek 3 weeks ago. Will my skin be smooth again?

The scar is a fine, red line, but on top and at the bottom of the incision, I can feel my skin is raised. When the scar catches the light, I can also... READ MORE

How are moles or cysts removed?

This is kind of embarrassing but I have a cyst or mole on my bottom just under where my tailbone hits. When I sit it causes pain because my tailbone... READ MORE

Weird bumps around scar after cyst excision? (photo)

Hi doctor, I had a sebaceous cyst removed from my cheek 3 weeks ago. I had internal + external sutures. Right after the bandage came off, I noticed a... READ MORE

Is this an infected hypertrophic scar, or a cyst? (Photo)

I had plastic surgery to get a mole removed on my face about 4-5 months ago and 2 days ago i noticed a lump under the scar. its only at the top half,... READ MORE

About my milial cyst. How it comes this? Can this mole in my forehead be removed? (photos)

Now i see a bit growing also in my left there anyway how to stop this kind of cyst?and my mole is it safe to remoce it? READ MORE

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