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Laser Treatment for "Fleshy" Facial Mole Removal

I have two "fleshy" moles on my face, and I've heard that laser procedure can remove them. I have been to two doctors; and one wanted to... READ MORE

What Should I Do After I Cut a Mole Off?

I cut a mole off of my forarm and need some advice. It was just a little bigger than a marble. It was skin colored and did not have a very big base to... READ MORE

Mole cut off by accident, then I burned it off.

Just few days ago , while i was scratching my back , i felt blood i looked at the mirror it was a mole cut off after that i hurried to the kitchen and... READ MORE

Mole re-freezing?

I had two big, sticking out moles. i went to many dermatologists and they all suggested i leave them. then one guy froze them both, no questions asked... READ MORE

Professional feedback on a mole removal (Photo)

My daughter just have a mole removed from her right cheek 3 days ago, I didn't expected for the cut to be sooo big, I am very nervous to see if this... READ MORE

Having a mole cut out of my forehead, will the scar be bad?

Hi, I have a mole in the centre of my forehead, 1 cm by 1 cm which I hate so much. I have had it shaved 3 years ago and it came back lighter. Since... READ MORE

Mole removed 2 months ago (cut/shaved off): Will my scar flatten out? (photo)

The scar is slightly raised. I don't have any history of keloids, I usually heal very well with other scars I've had. But I am concerned about this... READ MORE

Mole removal by cutting?

I had my first appointment with a dermatologist today regarding several moles on my face that I want to have removed. My skin is usually very light... READ MORE

Waiting on Results of Surgery/biopsy? (photo)

Melanoma--first cousin diagnosed with Melanoma cancer--I had mole removed 10/15/2013. Deep cut remains; and line cut going up leg ( roots?) Concerned... READ MORE

Red bumps and cut marks after mole removal on face. (photos)

2 small moles were removed from my face 1 month ago by punch excision method. Now the area is very bright red and slightly raised. The one which is on... READ MORE

Does this mole look like melanoma? (Photos)

It has grown from being mostly round to what you see in the picture. It has progressed slowly though, maybe a year, so I have just assumed it that the... READ MORE

I tried to remove the mole at home by cutting it but a little bump and pink colour mark showed up. Is there any suggestion?

A 0.5cm mole is there on the top of my nose which makes me feel uncomfortable..after reading from net i tried to cut it in home but a small bump is... READ MORE

I am considering removing this mole. What procedure would you recommend without visible marks? (Photo)

I have this mole by birth. Now I want to remove it and without visible scar. One doctor said shave it and another said cutting out. What procedure you... READ MORE

Mole Removal; would it have to be shaved off or cut off? (Photo)

I have had a mole on my cheek and I have always wanted to get it removed. My question is, would it have to be shaved off or cut off? Also, how bad... READ MORE

How do I get this to stop hurting and spreading? (photos)

I had moles cut off bc doc said they needed off and tested.well I did the vaseline and past two days hurts bad and today more spreading and swelling ... READ MORE

Mole cut out of forehead using A-T flap?

Hi, I have a mole in the middle of my forehead, 1 cm by 1 cm which I hate so much. 3 years a go I had it shaved but it came back lighter. Since then I... READ MORE

Mole removal: What is atypical junctional melanocytic proliferation?

Good day, this is conclusion on my lab report after the mole excision, the pathologist can't say if it's malignant or not neater the dermatologist -... READ MORE

1 month post-op: got a mark of reddishness after that. (photo)

I had cosmetic surgery of my mole a month ago, the doc cut the mole and then apply stiches which he removed after 8days and apply a cream *fucidin*.... READ MORE

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