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I have a mole on the border of my lip that I need to have removed. Mole Removal by Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon?

I have a mole on the border of my lip that I need to have removed because it is malignant, but I'm not sure if I should let my dermatologist remove it... READ MORE

Better to Freeze a Mole or Remove with a Scalpel?

I'm getting a mole on my nose removed by a plastic surgeon and he said he would freeze it off but I'm seeing a lot of testimonies about moles getting... READ MORE

Shave the Mole or Remove It All by a Plastic Surgeon? (photo)

Hi, I have a mole that is located on my left cheek right above the mustache end. This mole is about to be removed by a plastic surgeon.I know I am... READ MORE

Laser Vs Electrocautery Mole Removal - What's the Difference?

I had my mole removed and undergo DUAL process-shave and laser because it's rounded. Then the doctor said that it will leave a deep scar. BUt... READ MORE

I have a facial mole I would like removed for cosmetic reasons. What technique is best (and safest)? (Photo)

I have a mole on my chin, and would like this removed. I have heard of excision, shaving, laser and radio frequency. Which technique would give me the... READ MORE

Mole on Lip?

I have a small raised mole on my lip border, on my cupid's bow. I had it electrocauterized it years ago. That left a small white indented line. The... READ MORE

Flat mole on neck: Will removing it leave a scar?

I want to remove mole on neck ,it's flat mole,but i doubt,is possible remove mole without leaving scar? what's the best method to remove mole? laser... READ MORE

I have a flesh colored, raised, waxy Mole. Should I shave or excise? Dermatologic Surgeon or Facial Plastic Surgeon?

I have 5 of these on my face. I’ve consulted with a facial plastic surgeon who advised me to excise 3 of them and leave 2 alone. A dermatologist t... READ MORE

Best mole removal procedure for conspicuous area (nose tip)? Full excision? Plastic surgeon or dermatologist recommended?(photo)

I have had a mole on the tip of my nose since I was a child. Over the past few years it has grown to a size I am uncomfortable with (about 5mm across)... READ MORE

Mole removal via Radio Frequency or Scalpel, which method would be better in my case? (Photo)

I want to remove the mole on my face. almost everybody has told me that this mole is benign. Surgery by stitches scares me. The after scar is not good... READ MORE

Are Acne Scars Basically the Same As Post-Mole Removal Scars?

I used a natural mole remover called Dermatend and was left with flat, red scars. It has been about 10 months now. Would I be able to get rid of these... READ MORE

What's the best way to have the mole removal from my face? (Photo)

I would like to get the mole removed which treatment is better for me 1. Radio frequency shave 2. surgery excision Note: have got two keloids on my... READ MORE

Which one is the best method for removing mole on nose? Radio frequency or laser?

Which method will not leave marks after the removal? side effects of both methods? READ MORE

How do I remove a mole from my eyebrow while keeping the hair? (photo)

I have that pigmented brown mole in the center of my left eyebrow that grows with me, I went to that surgeon who told me that I would lose my eyebrow... READ MORE

Will removing my mole on my breast above the nipple cause a scar worse than the mole itself? Surgical or apple vinegar? (Photo)

I have a benign mole on my right breast above the nipple. I was told by my plastic surgeon that, due to the location of this birthmark, it would leave... READ MORE

How to get rid of a normal mole?

Just a regular moles. A "beauty mark" as some may call it. What's the most EFFECTIVE way to get rid of these - whether naturally, by freezing, or by... READ MORE

Removing a mole: laser or surgery? (photos)

Now I would like to remove two moles, one quite large and raised on my back, which has been there for many years, has been seen by two dermatologists... READ MORE

Mole and scar removal options. Shave excision vs. laser treatment. (photo)

I'm looking to possibly remove this mole, but it's not just a regular mole, as you can see in the pics it's surrounded by minor scarring from a failed... READ MORE

I have a lot of moles (Flat skin tags) in my face.. How I can remove them safely? (Photo)

I have fourteen moles in my face !! I went to three doctors the first one said that he can't remove any of them because they will leave a scars, the... READ MORE

What should be the preferred method for mole removal? 1.) Surgical shave and/or laser or 2.) electro curettage? (Photo)

Option to choose from 2 diff doctors to have some more moles removed (a lot of them) -1st shave and/or laser -2nd electro curettage 1.) How does... READ MORE

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