Cancer + Mole Removal

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Moderate Atypia. Is It Melanoma?

I am almost 22 and have been tanning in beds since I was in a preteen. (I won't be anymore) I got the results back from a biopsy and the mole was... READ MORE

How to Tell if Mole is Cancerous?

I was noticing a little brown mole on my skin, and I stupidly thought it was something else so I picked it off. It went really red and it has swollen... READ MORE

Is it common to have mole/s inside inner lips of vagina? If so, are they usually cancerous? Severe anxiety and very worried

I have a mole inside my vagina on the inner lip. I have had this for quite sometime, years actually, I never gave it much thought. But, after some... READ MORE

Cancer After Superficial Mole Removal?

I had a non-cancerous mole removed by laser. The mole was quite deep so not all of the mole was removed. What happens if the little bit of mole left... READ MORE

Throbbing Pain After Mole Removal

I had two moles removed from my back today. Should I expect to feel throbbing uncomfortable pain? These two moles are located on my bra line. The... READ MORE

Can a Dermatologist Tell Just by Looking at a Mole if It is Cancerous on Not?

I have an appointment next week and i dont know what to expect never been to one before, will he be able to give me an idea on the day what it is and... READ MORE

Laser Removal of Small, Flat Moles

I have several small, flat moles that I would like to lighten. They are not raised at all--they are literally brown dots. I went to see a... READ MORE

Can scratching a mole cause cancer?

I'm asking because I scratched a mole off my neck and I need to know if it can cause cancer. READ MORE

Remaining Mole After Punch Biopsy - Can It Turn Cancerous?

Hello. The punch biopsy removed a small peice of the mole and left the rest behind. The report on the biopsy says: "There are solitary and nested... READ MORE

3 new moles on scrotum. Can it be cancer? (photos)

Hello. 3 months ago, I spotted a very small dark spot on my scrotum sack, one which I'm quite sure have not been there before, I can't say for sure. A... READ MORE

How Do I Know if the Lump on my Leg is Cancerous or Not? (photo)

I have a hard lump on my shin and it bleeds when I hit it shaving, and sometimes it hurts when I touch it. It's gotten a little bigger and I feel... READ MORE

Had A Mole Biopsy, Told It Was Atypical; How Will I Know If It Turns Into Melanoma/Becomes Cancerous?

I had a biopsy on a mole, and I was wondering if a pathologist could mistake an atypical mole as an ordinary benign mole? I hear that atypical moles... READ MORE

Why Would a Patient Want Both a Dermatologist and a Plastic Surgeon to Have a Mole Removed?

If a patient is just going to end up seeing a plastic surgeon to make the removal/scar area look right, then why see a dermatologist? Can the plastic... READ MORE

Is This a Mole and is It Cancerous? (photo)

(Im a little embarassed but I had to add a picture as theres no point just describing it) Its on the inside of my big toe, you can see the size in... READ MORE

Has picking and squeezing my mole made it cancerous or given me skin cancer? (photos)

Mole was medium brown and raised. Now it's sore to touch and a little red with a chunk missing. It doesn't itch and it hasn't changed shape but I'm... READ MORE

Moles on vagina are cancerous? (Photo)

I am married and 30 years old.few moles started growing on the starting on the lip of vagina i didn't notice it's but when I ask my gynecologist she... READ MORE

Does my Mole on the Back of My Ear Look Cancerous? (photo)

I have a mole on the back of my ear that looks abnormal to me. I have spent most of my childhood-teen years outdoors as I am a lifeguard. Does this... READ MORE

I have this mole on my back that started getting itchy about 5 months ago. Can this mole be cancerous? (photo)

I have this mole on my back that started getting itchy about 5 months ago. It eventually stiopped and I forgot about it until someone pointed out to... READ MORE

Is my mole cancerous, or should I be worried? (photos)

I am a 16 year old girl, I have a strange looking mole that appeared when I was 6 and has been growing and changing in colour since. Is this something... READ MORE

How can I tell if this mole has become cancerous & should I have it removed? (photo)

I have had this mole all my life and I check it about every other week to make sure there are so changes. Suddenly it has turned darker and has... READ MORE

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