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I have a mole that looked dry, flaky. I picked it off.Now it's almost gone? It looks like a light brown color. Dangerous?(photo)

I went to a dermatologist 3 years ago for a mole check and recently got some mole removed from my back. 2 months ago I not a mole near my belly button... READ MORE

Mole Removal on My Vagina?

I have a mole on my vagina near my clitoris but my pube area. It's raised and brown. I've had it since birth but I want to get it removed for a couple... READ MORE

Has picking and squeezing my mole made it cancerous or given me skin cancer? (photos)

Mole was medium brown and raised. Now it's sore to touch and a little red with a chunk missing. It doesn't itch and it hasn't changed shape but I'm... READ MORE

Post Shaven Mole Biosopy: Healing Edges of the Site Are Brown - Should I be Concerned?

Recent shave mole biosopy.. with the healing the edges of the site are brown? not the middele, and the pathology test came back saying it was a... READ MORE

What is this? A mole? (photos)

I've got a lump, looks like a mole on my bum. Never really realized it was there until one day so I don't know if it suddenly grew or not, it's brown... READ MORE

Does my Mole on the Back of My Ear Look Cancerous? (photo)

I have a mole on the back of my ear that looks abnormal to me. I have spent most of my childhood-teen years outdoors as I am a lifeguard. Does this... READ MORE

I have a benign mole on my shaft of my penis. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 23 years old and I noticed a light brown benign mole or looks like a benign mole on the shaft. Its pretty light brown. It doesn't itch or hurt or... READ MORE

I had a large brown mole removed and now it is pinkish/red and raised. Should I be concerned? Or is it a scar? (photos)

I had a large brown mole removed on my neck about 4-5 months ago. It is now a pink color almost red. It is also raised. When the mole was first... READ MORE

I have a mole on my back and I tried to freeze it off. The skin around the mole turned a dark brown color. Why? (Photo)

I tried to freeze it off with compoundW freeze off wort removal . woll this brown on my back go away or is it permanent READ MORE

I'm a 57 yo white male, fair skin, blue eyes with a flat, brown mole on the base of my penis. (photo)

It is 6-7mm In diameter with irregular borders.It has grown from around 2mm to its current size in less than 5 mos. Should I get it checked out? Thanks READ MORE

I have had a mole under my left armpit my whole life but recently it is like swollen and very itchy. (photo)

Is it skin cancer?  It's swollen and like flaky and has a scab like texture. It's so itchy i can't tell you. It's dark brown and has a continuous... READ MORE

Brown Small Raised Mole?

I am on holiday at the moment I have just realised there is a small light brown raised mole I have unfortunately got burnt today. I'm very worried as... READ MORE

Dark Brown Mole, Recently Changed?

I am 64 years old and first noticed what appears to be a mole about a year ago. It was dark brown in colour. However it has recently changed a bit. It... READ MORE

I have a large brown mole, that seems to have an infection underneath it, possible cyst or something more serious? (Photo)

Hello, I appreciate your assistance in this matter. I have had a large brown birthmark on my neck and though it has grown over the years it's always... READ MORE

I have had a pimple like mole for a year.What it could be? (Photo)

Its brownish purple in color. It does not itch. It is raised not flat. Its symmetrical. Its colored has not changed in an year. If you want more... READ MORE

I have a mole under my lip. (photo)

I got a light brown mole on my bottom lip im just curious can it be something serious READ MORE

Can a mole fade in time and only leave a bit of pigment behind?

I had a mole about 2mm and medium brown inbetween my fingers. I never thought much about it until recently I noticed it had faded. I never grew or... READ MORE

Brown flat mole frozen by doctor. How long does it take for the redness to go away?

Brown flat face mole frozen by doctor with freezing gun. Left with redness around the mole, one spot particularly dark red. How long does it take for... READ MORE

Surrounding skin turned light brownish/gray after mole removal. What happened. Is it a burn or just a bruise? (photos)

I used dermatend extra strength mole removal on a mole under my chin. It was left on for about 55 minutes. I woke up the next day and the surrounding... READ MORE

Could this mole be melanoma? (Photos)

Within the past year (maybe a bit longer) I noticed a new mole. It was flat & a light brown color. I've noticed it getting a bit darker over time,... READ MORE

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