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I have so many moles on my body and my face. How can I get rid of them?

Flat mole on face and body how can I get rid of it. there is any disease which causes mole by which I'm suffering from then tell me. READ MORE

"moderate to severe cytologic atypia". What does that mean? What should I do? I am worried. Would I develop melanoma?

I had a mole removed and the report came back saying the mole was "moderate to severe cytologic atypia". This mole appeared in the last teo years... READ MORE

Is it possible to fade a mole?

I have hyper-pigmentation due to my birth control and my parents. Therefore, I have many small, flat moles all over my face and body. I wear SPF 30... READ MORE

Does getting rid of beauty marks leave scars on the body? Or can the scars also be taken care of?

I have many beauty marks on my body and it bothers me, I want to get rid of them without worrying about scars. READ MORE

How can my arm moles be removed? (Photos)

Hello, I have fair skin and with that comes a lot of dark moles all over my body. Sometimes I don't even know how they keep appearing because I rarely... READ MORE

Can I get a mole near my nipple removed?

I have a mole near my nipple and I'm very self conscious of myself I don't show my boobs to my boyfriend I don't get changed infront of him. I would... READ MORE

Is it safe to remove moles from the laser treatment?

When i was 10 years old moles begin to apper on my body including my face.As the time pass,the amount of moles increases.After my second baby(both... READ MORE

I'm 16 yrs old and have many moles on my body. What is the cause and how can I remove it?

Hi! If u take a look at the picture, u will see that I have many moles on my body, I have a lot more than my friends... It makes bad self esteem to me... READ MORE

Want multiple moles removed.

I have 7 moles that I would like removed, one on my face and the rest on my body. I'm in highschool and do not have a job, so I'm not able to pay a... READ MORE

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