Black + Mole Removal

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How long does it take for a mole to fall off after liquid nitrogen freezing?

I had my mole frozen 5 days ago. I was told it would turn black and fall off. So far it is really painful and inflamed. should I go back to the walk... READ MORE

How to Remove Black Spot After a Mole Was Removed? Why Did It Appear? I Applied Derma Tend Cream for a Mole Removal.

How to Remove Black Spot After a Mole was Removed? Why Did It Appear? i applied derma tend cream for a mole my question is how can i... READ MORE

Went to my dermatologist and had a mole frozen. Why does it look bigger?

It didn't look cancerous at all according to the PA that was doing the body scan, I requested the mole to be taken off. and she froze it. It's been... READ MORE

Post Mole Removal: Purple/Black Spot Inside Red Healed Wound

Hi. 4 weeks ago I got rid of a flat mole on the middle of my cheek with a few stitches. The stitches were removed 3 weeks ago and I now have a small... READ MORE

What is the average time for scars to heal after electrocautery?

My dermatologist diagnosed my case as DPN on face. Electrocautery done 3 days back.Now black spots look more prominent. When will the black spots on... READ MORE

Black Scar After Mole Removal, Should I Worry?

I had a mole removed 3 days ago and because it was a raised mole, it had to be removed by stitches. A day after i got the stitches out, i noticed a... READ MORE

What Should Normal Tissue Below Skin Surface Look Like After Mole Removal?

I had an elevated mole removed 2 days ago. It was changing and had a black scaly ring around it which was about halfway up the "pole" of the mole.... READ MORE

My Mole Removal Scar is Purple/black, Should I Worry?

I had a mole removed on my leg about a month and a half ago, and the scar hasn't subsided. It's still a very deep purple/black. The results... READ MORE

Itchy Irregular Black Small Mole on my Back? (photo)

I had a simlar one removed from my upper arm @ the end of the summer.It came back with mild dysplasia. I told the dermatologist I was worried about... READ MORE

How to Remove Black Spot After a Mole was Removed? Why Did It Appear? (photo)

I applied derma tend cream for a mole removal.i had a mole beneath my nose and up to lips.mole fell off it.but now the dark black spot appeared.please... READ MORE

Is this black spot on my back serious? (photo)

Hi Doctor, I have a black mole on my back for many years. It doesn't intact or change. Just wan to know what it is. Is it a mole, a wart, or something... READ MORE

Black Mole Flat the Size of a Pencil Eraser?

I have a flat black mole on the size of my nose, its about the size of the top of a pencil (the eraser) and i wanted to know the whole process,... READ MORE

Will This Leave a Serious Infection? or Cancer? (photo)

I took it off about a week and 4 days ago .. and it's all black from the sides and inside also it's kinda red inside, will this leave a serious scar?... READ MORE

New, black Mole, 1mm?

Hy.i am 24 year old,male.i have more than 100 moles on my body.i am going to dermatologist every year for check the moles.i just observed on my arm a... READ MORE

A Black Dot Appeared on my Raised Mole, It Started to Hurt and Now There is Pus and Inflamation?

I have a black raised mole by my lips, i am dark skinned and have not experienced any changes on it ever. A while ago a black dot appeared on it,... READ MORE

Mole Removal Without Biopsy?

I had 4 moles removed 6 months ago. Doctor was numbed them then cut them off. I forgot to ask about biopsy and she didnt say anything as well.She... READ MORE

Mole excised seems to be coming back in scar tissue. Is this normal?

I had a mole excised 4 weeks ago, received results today that said it was mildly dysplastic. Yet to see doctor to discuss further but i have noticed... READ MORE

Is this what my skin should look like after a mole/skin tag removal? (photo)

My primary doctor removed a very small, mole/skin tag on my right side so I figured it would heal quickly. She froze it with a spray for about 15-20... READ MORE

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