Birthmarks + Mole Removal

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"Stork Bite" Never Faded. I Am Interested in Removing It but Haven't Found Any Info. About Stork Bites on Adults. (photo)

My birthmark was apparent sense birth. Was told it's a "stork bite" and it would eventually fade away by the time i was 2-3 years old.... READ MORE

I'm 18 yrs old, Permanent Removal Options for Hairy Nevus Birthmark? (photo)

Since birth, I've had a hairy nevus birthmark on my left cheek. It is relatively small, about an inch long and half an inch wide. I'm now 18 and I'm... READ MORE

Mole/Birthmark Removal? (photo)

I was born with a birthmark/cluster of moles under my arm. About 11 years ago I had them removed from a doctor it was ugly scars in place and a couple... READ MORE

Does this look like something I should be worried about? Always thought it was a birthmark I just want to make sure. (photo)

I've always had this and I always thought it was a birth mark, I still do but it might be a mole I'm not sure , I am worried it might be cancerous,... READ MORE

Is my face healing normally? (photo)

First off i have a huge birthmark that covers a large percentage of my body. I will upload pictures of it later to get opinions on why its so large... READ MORE

Do you know what this thing on my skin is? And will it ever go away? (Photo)

I got it after the doctor removed my birthmark. Please give me some advice Idk what it is :( READ MORE

how to remove this type of mole(birthmark) from face

I have flat birthmark on right side of face ,can i remove this using laser or from surgical procedures without forming scar READ MORE

I've had a mole/birthmark removed. Is it infected?

I kept a plaster on it for 3 days (new one everyday) 4th day I let air get to it. like my doctor told me to. it's formed to a scab now but I'm worried... READ MORE

Which surgical method shall I opt for mole removal? (photos)

It is my birthmark on my forehead and i want it to get removed, i want to know will doctors give me anasthesia, or i have to go undergo the pain... READ MORE

What are these dots? (Photo)

I just found these two dots in my body today ? i'm sure i never had them from a long time. cause i always check my body but i got surprised when i saw... READ MORE

What are the procedures to remove a hairy nevus?

I'm 19 years old and I am making the decision to remove my birthmark. It's located on my lower left thigh and i would classify it as a Medium-sized... READ MORE

Neck Moles with birth. (photo)

I have a small Bithmark moles which later increase with my age for certain time ,I have already done 2 times surgery but clearing all moles at ones... READ MORE

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