Basal Cell Carcinoma + Mole Removal

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Infiltrative Bcc on my Ear?

I had a lump on my left ear removed with curettage (full excision) sent for biopsy. The results shows it was an 'infiltrative' basal cell carcinoma.... READ MORE

Is my deep red/purple scar four weeks after a biopsy normal? (photo)

I had a biopsy on my hand on 8.26.13 with a diagnosis of superficial basal cell carcinoma. I had a second biopsy performed in the same location on 10... READ MORE

Can Basal Cell grow large under scalp over a few years?

I found a mole on top of my head about 5 years ago but just recently had it tested. It came back Basal Cell Carcinoma and my dermatologist is... READ MORE

Forehead Flap to Repair Nasal Ala After Skin Cancer Surgery?

I had bcc removed by a ps and a ftg to the left nasal ala. the sg looks waxy & nose is misshapen. The hospital have said that although they have... READ MORE

Rapid Growth of Basal Cell?

I have had one basal cell carcinoma removed before. I noticed a new bump, red, non-healing, about 6 months ago. I'm pretty sure it's a basal cell, as... READ MORE

History of Infiltrative BCC, but Deem Won't Biopsy New Lump?

I had a BCC taken off my ear in October, results showed it was an aggressive 'intfiltrative' type. It was a waxy pearly lump with multiple thread... READ MORE

Re Mole Removal and Time Inbetween Appointments?

Had biopsy on 12-4 and advised on 12-16 that it was a mole in the severe classification. Appointment scheduled to remove on 1-17-2013. Should I be... READ MORE

Blue Light Treatment (With Levulan) After Recent Shave Biopsy (With Scraping)

I had a shave biopsy (which included a scraping) done a few days ago and the results revealed that it was basal cell carcenoma. I am planning to have... READ MORE

I have a mole in my eyebrow that is Basel cell carcinoma and needs to be removed. Seeking advise for best procedure.

I have a mole in the beginning of my eyebrow that is Basel cell carcinoma and needs to be removed. It is about the size of a pencil eraser and clear... READ MORE

Can Melanoma look like basal cell? (photos)

I have a pink 1/4 size mole looking thing for about 6 months inches and oozes. Went to dermatologist and she was concerned and did a shave bio .She... READ MORE

My Nose is Puckering or Puffy on Left Side above Nostril, what Can Be Done?

59-yr, old white female-bcc excised-12-2013-nose appears crooked. READ MORE

I have a question about a mole on my body. I'm worried it may be cancer (Photo)

I have had this mole for a few months now and am worried it may be cancer. I have a family history of basel cell and melanoma so Id like to get an... READ MORE

Regarding a mole, and what seems to be something very reminiscent of basal cell. Should I be worried? (Photo)

Hello, I'm a 20 year old male, and I recently re-discovered my mole on my back (which I've had for as long as I can remember). What bothers me is that... READ MORE

I have noticed a new mole on my back, it bleed the first time touched turned pink within days it was brown again?

Should I be concerned, I have visit scheduled - should I insist on a biopsy. three family members had cnacer two died of ca, pop outlived his but died... READ MORE

I had a basal cell mole removed 3 and a half weeks ago and the wound still has not closed. What should I do?

Stitches were removed after 1 week after procedure and the wound opened a week after getting the stitches removed. I went to my family doctor and she... READ MORE

Wondering if a mole I have could actually be a basal cell carcinoma? (Photo)

I've had this mole on my nose for at least 6 years, based on pictures I've looked back on. It's very slowly grown slightly bigger. I was at a... READ MORE

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