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Does Laser Mole Removal Work?

I have a bunch of moles on my back that I would Like to have removed. A couple of them are raised and a bunch of them are flat. I spend a lot of time... READ MORE

I Have Hundreds Upon Hundreds of Moles. I Want Them Gone!

I have hundreds upon hundres of moles on my arms, legs, back, and chest. My derm won't remove them as they are benign and insurance won't... READ MORE

Is Surgery Necessary for Moderate Atypical Moles?

I'm 22 next week & have had numerous Melanoma scares. I've had surgery on my hand (severe atypia) & surgery on my stomach (mild... READ MORE

Dark Spot in the Middle of my Mole Biopsy Site

I had a shave biopsy to my lower back 4 days ago! Ever since then I have had a dark brown spot in the middle of my biopsy site! What does this mean? READ MORE

Mole Removal Without Insurance Cost?

Hi doctors, I have three moles on my back that I would like to get removed. They're about as big as a pencil eraser, black, and raised. I was... READ MORE

Shave Biopsy?

Yesterday I had 3 moles removed by shave biopsy - 2 on my back, one on my chest. Is there anything I can do to help minimise the scar? Do you... READ MORE

Scab 4 weeks after stitches removed.

I had a mole excision mid November with five stitches (two deep dissolving). Stitches were removed ten days later and since end of November I have... READ MORE

Recently Raised Mole on my Back?

Hi, I have a mole on my back that has always been flat, dark brown and about 3mm. Recently it became slighty raised which concerned me. I was... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of red strawberry moles or hemangiomas? (Photo)

I have them all over mostly on back and abdomen. But some on arms legs even one near by pubic hair line. The older I get the more I notice . READ MORE

Mole coming back after excision.

I had a large asymmetric mole removed from my back a few weeks ago in an excision removal under local anaesthetic which has left me with around a two... READ MORE

I have a mole on my lower back with a dark circle around it which is concerning me. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

I've had it a while and went to the doctors about it today. he said he's going to refer me so I'm beginning to worry now. can anyone identify what it... READ MORE

Is this black spot on my back serious? (photo)

Hi Doctor, I have a black mole on my back for many years. It doesn't intact or change. Just wan to know what it is. Is it a mole, a wart, or something... READ MORE

Should I be worried about these moles returning? (Photo)

I had a mole on my back I wanted my Dr. to biopsy about 6 weeks ago; she chose to freeze it off, even though I told her my mother died 3 years ago of... READ MORE

Should I risk removing a mole for cosmetic reasons? (photo)

The mole is the same size as an eraser on the back of a pencil if not tiny bit bigger. It's located on my upper back. The color is brownish black,... READ MORE

Biopsy For Suspicious Mole?

I had a suspicious mole removed from my back .The 2 biopsy reports came back as lentiginous functional nevus with severe atypical extending with in 5... READ MORE

Can a person get this large mole removed from their back when it's so close to their spine? Will they get a keloid? (Photo)

Does this look like something should a person be concerned with? Sometimes it hurts after prolonged periods in the sun and when it gets scratched by... READ MORE

Why is my scars getting darker after workout?

Hi there, I have a 5 scars from mole excision on my back. They are about 1.5-2.5cm long and 0.2-0.5 wide. It's 1 month post operation and seems that... READ MORE

I had a mole removed on Thursday. What is the white stuff inside it? I clean it gently because it is painful to touch.

I had a mole removed on my upper stomach on Thursday. Every move I make i feel it pull. There is white stuff in the wound. The one on my back also... READ MORE

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