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Had A Mole Biopsy, Told It Was Atypical; How Will I Know If It Turns Into Melanoma/Becomes Cancerous?

I had a biopsy on a mole, and I was wondering if a pathologist could mistake an atypical mole as an ordinary benign mole? I hear that atypical moles... READ MORE

What is a Atypical Intradermal Nevus?

My pathology report came back Melancytic Nevus, Intradermal Nevus, with focal atypia. The reports indicate that there are orderly nests of Melancytic... READ MORE

It's a new atypical mole always melanoma? (photo)

Hi.I'm 26 years old and I developed a new mole at 14 weeks pregnant.It is big as a pencil eraser and it is irregular.I have 6 more atypical moles.I... READ MORE

Freckles Form 3 Months After Mildly Atypical Mole Removal?

My 14 year old daughter had a 3-4 mm mole removed from her thigh by shaving. The biopsy showed it to be mildly atypical. 3 months later we went into... READ MORE

Recurrent nevus atypical (Photo)

Had a nevus removed by shaving, came back benign (compound) nevus. In 3 weeks after scab fell off, black spot (darker than original) appeared on... READ MORE

If I Had Atypical Skin Cells in my Face in Oct 2011, & Haven't Had Them Removed, How Bad is It Now?

A dermatologist removed a nickel-sized mole from my chin in oct 2011, had it biopsied, told me that it had "atypical cells" they didn't remove &... READ MORE

Moderate and severe atypia. Prognosis?

I am 35 y.o. with a history of severely atypical nevus (removed 5 years ago). I had another biopsy done recently and it showed that I have a mole with... READ MORE

Is re-excision of mildly atypical nevus necessary?

15 months after biopsy it is extremely difficult for dermatologist to even detect site as there is a very small scar but no pigmentation. Is... READ MORE

Looking for more info on a "severely atypical compound melanocytic nevus."

On July 7, a dermatologist removed a small freckle/mole from my left calf. It was about 2 mm in diameter. It came back as severely atypical. It was... READ MORE

What situations would prompt such a wide excision to be preformed on an atypical nevus or is this normal practice?

Subsequent to a biopsy, I was diagnosed with two atypical nevi. I was advised that an excision of both would be necessary. In the middle of my back, I... READ MORE

Atypical nevus has repigmented in one month. Is this concerning?

I went to the derm for a one month follow up (to actinic keratosis on face) and asked her to look at a new 4mm mole on my back (wasnt there last yr).... READ MORE

Biopsy healing too good! lol

I had a biopsy performed about three weeks ago and unfortunately will require surgery for an atypical mole. The surgery will be in another two weeks... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Atypical mole removal? (photos)

Hello! I had a flesh colored mole removed from my back 2 weeks ago. Just got my results back and they say it's atypical. I have no family history of... READ MORE

My 19 yr old has a severe atypical mole. The doctor said full excision can wait until April. Is this too long to wait?

He has had 4 others diagnosed this way and removed since he was 12. Clear margins after surgery on each. All different parts of body; head, chest, now... READ MORE

Approximate healing time after medium sized mole removal on heel?

I have a moderately atypical mole in the middle of my heel that needs to be removed by a plastic surgeon. I'm waiting to hear back from my derm as to... READ MORE

Two severely atypical, one moderate. Never worshiped the sun, never used a tanning bed. What should I do to get better?

I had a mole removed when I was 23 which resulted in some areas with severe atypical and others not, MD stated it was not cancer and that the cells... READ MORE

Shave biopsy showing atypical cells in a benign mole. What should I do next?

I am a 26 years old male. A new mole appeared on my right palm 2 months ago and was removed by a shave biopsy on April 1st. Today I got a call about... READ MORE

I am a patient with two bouts of melanoma, my doctor recently took another mole off my back and it came back atypical nevi.

What does this mean? I am 65 years old and it's been 23 years since my last melanoma and I am also currently about 3.5 years in remission from... READ MORE

Monitoring atypical mole. Any suggestions?

Hi. I have a 1cm atypical mole which is concerning me and saw a dermatologist today. She did a dermoscopy and said I must come back in 3 months to... READ MORE

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