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Had A Mole Biopsy, Told It Was Atypical; How Will I Know If It Turns Into Melanoma/Becomes Cancerous?

I had a biopsy on a mole, and I was wondering if a pathologist could mistake an atypical mole as an ordinary benign mole? I hear that atypical moles... READ MORE

What is a Atypical Intradermal Nevus?

My pathology report came back Melancytic Nevus, Intradermal Nevus, with focal atypia. The reports indicate that there are orderly nests of Melancytic... READ MORE

It's a new atypical mole always melanoma? (photo)

Hi.I'm 26 years old and I developed a new mole at 14 weeks pregnant.It is big as a pencil eraser and it is irregular.I have 6 more atypical moles.I... READ MORE

Freckles Form 3 Months After Mildly Atypical Mole Removal?

My 14 year old daughter had a 3-4 mm mole removed from her thigh by shaving. The biopsy showed it to be mildly atypical. 3 months later we went into... READ MORE

Recurrent nevus atypical (Photo)

Had a nevus removed by shaving, came back benign (compound) nevus. In 3 weeks after scab fell off, black spot (darker than original) appeared on... READ MORE

Moderate and severe atypia. Prognosis?

I am 35 y.o. with a history of severely atypical nevus (removed 5 years ago). I had another biopsy done recently and it showed that I have a mole with... READ MORE

Looking for more info on a "severely atypical compound melanocytic nevus."

On July 7, a dermatologist removed a small freckle/mole from my left calf. It was about 2 mm in diameter. It came back as severely atypical. It was... READ MORE

Is re-excision of mildly atypical nevus necessary?

15 months after biopsy it is extremely difficult for dermatologist to even detect site as there is a very small scar but no pigmentation. Is... READ MORE

If I Had Atypical Skin Cells in my Face in Oct 2011, & Haven't Had Them Removed, How Bad is It Now?

A dermatologist removed a nickel-sized mole from my chin in oct 2011, had it biopsied, told me that it had "atypical cells" they didn't remove &... READ MORE

Biopsy healing too good! lol

I had a biopsy performed about three weeks ago and unfortunately will require surgery for an atypical mole. The surgery will be in another two weeks... READ MORE

What situations would prompt such a wide excision to be preformed on an atypical nevus or is this normal practice?

Subsequent to a biopsy, I was diagnosed with two atypical nevi. I was advised that an excision of both would be necessary. In the middle of my back, I... READ MORE

Severe atypical mole near nipple - is it safe to remove and what's the expected scarring?

I recently found out I have a severe atypical mole near my nipple - shave biopsy. the mole was quite small but given its location I'm nervous about... READ MORE

Is this an early Acral Melanoma? (photo)

I had a stage 1a SFS melanoma removed 2 years ago. Have been getting seen by a dermatologist every 6 months since with many removed moles but none... READ MORE

Atypical mole is what my biopsy came back as (moderate to severe)?

How worries should I b they r scheduling surgery to cut it out but I'm so scared will it turn I to cancer or an I freaking for no reason? READ MORE

Atypical nevus has repigmented in one month. Is this concerning?

I went to the derm for a one month follow up (to actinic keratosis on face) and asked her to look at a new 4mm mole on my back (wasnt there last yr).... READ MORE

Is waiting 5 weeks too long to get an excision for an atypical mole moderate to severe?

 Or should I not b worried I basically would like to kno y the doc would wait 5 weeks if it's moderate to severe. It concerned me that they... READ MORE

Shave biopsy showing atypical cells in a benign mole. What should I do next?

I am a 26 years old male. A new mole appeared on my right palm 2 months ago and was removed by a shave biopsy on April 1st. Today I got a call about... READ MORE

2 pre-melanoma moles; one punched, one just shaved off. Is it possible to get rid of it completely by shaving it off with razor?

2 moles shave biopsied and came from pathology as "premelanoma/atypical" 1st one, was small and was slightly raised,this one has been removed by... READ MORE

Monitoring atypical mole. Any suggestions?

Hi. I have a 1cm atypical mole which is concerning me and saw a dermatologist today. She did a dermoscopy and said I must come back in 3 months to... READ MORE

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