Atypia + Mole Removal

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Moderate Atypia. Is It Melanoma?

I am almost 22 and have been tanning in beds since I was in a preteen. (I won't be anymore) I got the results back from a biopsy and the mole was... READ MORE

Is Surgery Necessary for Moderate Atypical Moles?

I'm 22 next week & have had numerous Melanoma scares. I've had surgery on my hand (severe atypia) & surgery on my stomach (mild... READ MORE

Is a Punch Biopsy Enough for Atypical Moles?

I had a few shave biopsies done 2 weeks ago. Two came back with mild atypia. The PA said they would do a punch biopsy to get the rest out. I asked if... READ MORE

What Does a Mole That Comes Back with a Comment 'The Peripheral and Deep Margins Are Positive' Mean?

I had a mole come back as 'melanocytic (dysplastic) nevus, compound, with architectural disorder and moderate to severe cytological atypia. (See... READ MORE

Biopsy For Suspicious Mole?

I had a suspicious mole removed from my back .The 2 biopsy reports came back as lentiginous functional nevus with severe atypical extending with in 5... READ MORE

Is It Too Late to Re-excise a Moderate Atypia Mole?

10 months ago I had a mole removed from my back that was moderate atypia. I was supposed to have it re-excise to make sure they got it all, but I... READ MORE

Can I Remove This Mole With Laser, Localized Radiation or Topical Chemotherapy? (photo)

A small mole on my cheek was determined to be a melanocyte of moderate atypia. The dermatologist recommended that the rest be removed with a 2-3mm... READ MORE

Does a Facial Mole Which Was Determined by a Biopsy to Be a "Melanocyte of Moderate Atypia" Really Need to Be Removed?

A small mole on my cheek was determined to be a melanocyte of moderate atypia. The dermatologist recommended that the rest be removed with a 2-3mm... READ MORE

Do I need to have another excision after an atypia mole was removed for biopsy?

I am 34, female. I had a mole on my lower leg shaved and sent for biopsy. The pathology result was "moderate atypica" but it also stated "biopsy... READ MORE

Moderate Cytologic Atypia Extending to One Lateral Margin. Should I biopsy my other moles?

This was my dermapathology report after biopsying and excising 4 moles. One came back as moderately atypical dysplastic nevus. I already had that... READ MORE

Severe atypia: how fast can it progress to melanoma? Are all moles like this, or is it possible that others are worse?

I have quite a few abnormal looking moles. Two were biopsied and here is report: Can this turn into Melanoma? If so how fast does that happen? This is... READ MORE

Moderate atypia mole. How long should I wait after original biopsy to have the 2nd removal procedure?

The results from my biopsy (from which I got stitches) were "moderate atypia mole". I decided to have the skin around it removed. My Dr. recommended... READ MORE

Dysplastic compound nevus with moderate melanocytic atypia?

I got 3 moles removed last week. One (which I've had since I was a kid) came back as dysplastic nevus with moderate melanocytic atypia. The doctor... READ MORE

Dermatologist pathology report results: What grade of atypia for biopsy mole? Not labeled

Nests of nevus cells present along the lateral aspects and bases of the elongated rete ridges. The nests are small and contain relatively uniform... READ MORE

My dermatologist biopsied a mole and found moderate atypia cells.

My dermatologist found a moderate atypia cells on a mole after a biopsy. He is doing an extraction but it has been 7 weeks since he got the results of... READ MORE

Should I have a full excision done to my junctional melanocytic nevus, spitz type, with atypia? The doctor said it is mild.

I had a mole removed and the results of the biopsy said it is a junctional melanocytic nevus, spitz type, with atypia. The doctor said it is mild but... READ MORE

Should I be worried? Derm didn't check any other moles on me? I went in yesterday (4/5/17) for bigger excision? (Photos)

Sudden appearance of what looked like a blood blister on my Right Mid flank. I had a punch biopsy of 4mm. Results: Inflamed Intradermal Melanocytic... READ MORE

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