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How Safe is It to "Tie Off" a Raised Mole?

I have a VERY raised mole on my neck the size of a pencil eraser, that has been there ever since I can remember. It has never changed size, color,... READ MORE

Can I Remove a Mole at Home with Duct Tape?

I read online that if you clean the mole area with soap and water then let it to dry then put a piece of duct tape on the mole and leave it on for 5-6... READ MORE

I want to remove my mole - Will apple cider vinegar work?

It's under my lips i hate it so much..But im afraid with lazer and other things why cant i use apple cider vinegar? READ MORE

Mole Removal at Home?

Can I safely remove a mole at home with a home remedy or maybe something I can buy at the store? READ MORE

Is it safe to use home remedies for mole removal under my eye? (photo)

I have a mole under my eye the size of a pencil eraser and it's pretty dark and I hate it what can do to remove it? Is it safe to use home remedies?... READ MORE

Can the Use of Apple Cider Vinegar Effect the Pathology of a Biopsied Mole?

I used apple cider vinegar on what i thought looked like a small mole on my thigh-stupid,i know! it irritated it,and changed the appearance so that my... READ MORE

i have a flat mole and i hate it. Is there any way I can remove it on my own? (Photo)

It is a small brown flat mole on my bottom right lip and i absolutly hate it, people confuse it as a lip piercing and it bothers me, i really want to... READ MORE

What are the dangers of using a home remedy such as apple cider vinegar to remove moles?

What are the dangers of using a home remedy such as apple cider vinegar to remove moles? Can removing moles or using home remedies lead to cancer? I... READ MORE

Any suggestions to lighten mole with home remedies?

I have a very small begnign mole on my face (I had it cheched by a dermatologyst). It is about 1mm diameter and flat, but very dark, and I would like... READ MORE

Is it safe to remove this Mole at home?

I've had this mole on my ear since I was young and want it gone. I had it checked by my doctor and he said it was just a raised mole that was harmless... READ MORE

What can I do? Any home remedies or treatments creams I can use? Do I have to get the little lump removed? (Photo)

About 6 months ago I got my mole removed everything healed well left a scab fell off my skin looked nice and flat but then it looked as if my mole was... READ MORE

How to help heal a injured mole at home treatments?

I injured it during a very bad rash due to laundry detergent and scratched it off, this happened two months aga, and it has since went down from... READ MORE

Can I remove a Flat Mole At Home?

I have a large flat mole on my cheek that grew in 2 weeks after I was born. Here I am many years later, and I want it to be gone. However, I can't... READ MORE

How can I remove the mole on my chin? Home remedies? Surgery? Cost? (photos)

I have a mole right in the middle of my chin that I passionately hate. It is raised and has grown with each pregnancy. I'd like to know if I can... READ MORE

How can I get rid of black moles on my skin? (photo)

I have black moles on my skin, can u recommend me any medication or treatment that i can do at home.. i had consulted a skin specialist but he said... READ MORE

3 Years Ago I Had a Mole Slightly Raised. I Removed It by my Nails but Now There is a Brownish-dark Spot Left Behind?

Hello 3 years ago i had a mole slightly raised.........i removed it by my nails but now there is a brownish-dark spot left behind..........please help... READ MORE

Should I follow the home remedies to remove the mole? I was wondering if my mole is cancerous. (photos)

I applied garlic tomy mole. The next day, I was shocked. my mole and the skin surrounding it are swollen and oozing fluid. Days later, the mole healed... READ MORE

Should I try to remove the mole on my lip with Frankincense? (photos)

I have had this mole on my upper lip for as long as I can remember. It doesn't bother me too much, but lately I have been considering trying to remove... READ MORE

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