Age 35-44 + Mole Removal

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Mole excision resulted in indented and dark scar. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm 42. A plastic surgeon removed 2 facial moles (next to each other) by excision on 08-29-14. The scar is still dark, and has become indented. The... READ MORE

Did I Wait too Long to Have Atypical Mole Excised?

I'm a 40 year old blonde, blue eyed woman who use to worship the sun for years. I always burned first before it would turn to tan. Went to the Derm.... READ MORE

Moderate and severe atypia. Prognosis?

I am 35 y.o. with a history of severely atypical nevus (removed 5 years ago). I had another biopsy done recently and it showed that I have a mole with... READ MORE

Does this mole look suspicious that I should go to the doctor? (photos)

This big mole is located above my belly button and it is flat on the skin and the second one next to it is starting to change (the smaller one ) . The... READ MORE

I would like to remove a large mole on the side of my nose? (Photo)

I have this mole since early childhood. I am thinking of removing it now, because of cosmetic reasons and also for fear of turning malignant. My face... READ MORE

Re: hairy mole on chin. How much would it cost to have it removed?

I'm 35 years of age and have a mole on my chin that makes me self-conscious. It is a small mole. I am having problems keeping the hair growth under... READ MORE

What is the best way to get two close raised moles removed from my face without leaving a scar? (Photo)

I had these pigmented moles since birth. About eight years ago ( I am 36 now) they started to fade and now they are skin color moles which I want to... READ MORE

What would be the best way remove a pencil-eraser size moles on both cheeks?

Left side is darker and raised more but the right side is lighter and not as defined but both have hairs that come out which I have to pluck. They... READ MORE

Does this mole look suspicious at all? (Photo)

I've noticed one of my moles has changed. It seems to be developing dark patches and I believe it has gotten larger. The photos are low resolution.... READ MORE

I am a 36 year old male that has several moles on my body. I am really worried about a spot in seen on my back (Photo)

I plan on making an appointment with a dermatologist but I would love to have some insight before I go READ MORE

Could this mole be starting to become cancerous? (Photo)

Hi. I'm a 42 year old female and I have a mole at the top of my back. I'very had it for years, but over the last few months,instead of remaining flat... READ MORE

Is this Nodular Melanoma ? (photos)

Hello, I'm from germany and i'm really afraid at the moment. I have a black/brown mole between stomach and breast, which i havent had 2 years ago. 40... READ MORE

I'm 40 and I had a stable atypical mole for 20 yrs. Is a 4 mm margin enough for moderate to severe displastic nevus?

My last 6 mths app - slight color change.I had an excision with 4 mm circumferential margins. Biopsy Lentiginous Compound Nevus with arhitectural... READ MORE

What is complete solution to remove skin pits at home ? Also suggest how to remove frequently coming moles on face?

Im 40yrs old n have acne scars on my cheek and now new moles coming on face in every month . Please suggest me . How to remove moles and how I prevent... READ MORE

I had mole laser removal. Will it turn white eventually like stretch marks, which are supposed to be scars too, have?

I had several moles laser removed at the start of 2015 and wonder whether I should avoid the sun so as to avoid discoloration. The skin where they... READ MORE

40Y old SIASCOPE mole pictures. Do you see any one very suspicious? (Photo)

I got the following 4 moles scans via SIASCOPE. Do you see any one very suspicious? READ MORE

Mole on bridge of nose removal.Is there a way to safely remove this mole without disfiguring or scaring my nose?

I am 35 years old and developed a small mole when I was 30 years old on the bridge of my nose. It has been checked several times by 5 different derms.... READ MORE

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