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Wound Care After Mohs Surgery Repair?

I have read pros and cons regarding the proper care for a granulating wound on the upper forehead. A forehead flap procedure covered the large defect... READ MORE

I had MOHs surgery on 7/3/14 for BCC on my nose and a skin flap was used to close the wound. What are you opinion? (photo)

I am very concerned about asymmetry of my nose as well as the fact that the alar opening on the operated side is now about 50% closed and the nostril... READ MORE

2 days post op Mohs Surgery on left wing of nose. Any suggestions on the scar? (photos)

I had Mohs Surgery two days ago. after 1 layer I was told that all the bcc is removed. He told me it's deep, I will have a big scar & had a choice of... READ MORE

Wound Closure 10 Days After Mohs Surgery?

Hi, 50 year old male, i just had Mohs surgery performed yesterday on a basal cell carcinoma. The wound is about the size of a nickel and is on the top... READ MORE

Small nodular BCC on nasal ala. If I get a skin flap, what can I expect the wound to look like 4 weeks after?

If I get a skin flap, what can I expect the wound to look like 4 weeks after? I am starting a new job and really would like recovery to be well... READ MORE

Nervous about Moh's surgery

I was told to get Moh's but didn't because I didn't have money. I finally made my appointment, but I'm scared. It is on my forehead and it is about an... READ MORE

What is normal for wound healing after MOHs surgery?

I had MOHS surgery last Monday, I am unsure of how the area should look now. There has been some oozing and a little bleeding, My nose does itch and... READ MORE

How long after Mohs surgery can the repair be done? (photo)

I had Mohs surgery two and a half weeks ago to remove a BCC in the area between my nose and upper lip. I panicked after the surgery was finished, and... READ MORE

I have a basal cell cancer on the side of my nose. Should I see a Mohns Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon for wound repair?

I have a basal cell cancer on the side of my nose. It is 3cm but is the type that has branches according to the biopsy. I have been referred to a... READ MORE

Is There a Method of Closing a Major Wound to the Nose Using, for Example, a "Silly Putty" Rather Than Skin?

My mother is 97 and in excellent health other than some dementia. She also has basil cell which has eaten away an entire nostril. It is wide open and... READ MORE

Is it normal after MOHs surgery on the scalp for the covered wound to smell badly after two weeks and be red inside the wound?

It remained covered each day after applying aquiphor. The doctor had a glowing resume. I do not know how to put a picture in. READ MORE

I have BCC on my ear. Could they really take off my whole ear? Do these surgeons really release people with gaping wounds?

I know it has spread to the skull area behind my ear, and I'm pretty sure that it is eating through the cartridge on top of my ear as well. I'm really... READ MORE

After MOHs on the side of my nose with graft done, only using lots of Vaseline

I cannot use band aides as back reaction. Surgery done Oct. 14 th. Is it normal to have a gooey yellow covering of the wound. READ MORE

What can I expect my reconstruction options to be for a wound on my right temple?

I had MOHs surgery today for a basal cell carcinoma on my right temple. I now have a wound the size of a quarter. I am going to see a plastic surgeon... READ MORE

Best way to close basal cell on nose?

Have superficial basel cell on side of nose. I am told I need MOHS. What is best method to close the wound? One doc says forehead flap and another doc... READ MORE

Should hydrogen peroxide still be used for unhealed wound after Mohs surgery 3.5 weeks ago?

Wound still bubbles after application. I have been reading that long-term hydrogen peroxide use may not be helpful. I would appreciate your input.... READ MORE

What's the best procedure for treating infected wound after MOHS on bottom of leg?

My surgery was four weeks ago on the bottom of my leg where I have poor circulation. I was put on CIPRO for infection. Wound is not healing very well,... READ MORE

Wound not closed after 4 weeks and stitches removed? (Photo)

I had mohs surgery 4 weeks ago. Stitches removed. I have an open whole that fills with yellow discharge. I wash it and apply ointment 3 times a day.... READ MORE

Should I continue to use Vaseline on my surgical wound after stitches were taken out?

I've had Mohs surgery on my cheek. My resulting surgery line is 5.3 cm. Stitches were removed yesterday-day 7. Healing is going well. Should I... READ MORE

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