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Moh's Surgery Near Eye- Is This A Complication?

Moh's surgery on cancer 1 - 1 1/2 inches from eye. 2 days post-op and swelling is much worse than before. (bottom eyelid is swollen all the way up... READ MORE

Just Diagnosed with BCC with Morpheaform Features, on Nose, HELP

After having a biopsy was diagnosed with BCC with morpheaform features on the side almost tip of my nose. Please plastic surgeon... READ MORE

I Am Having Mohs Surgery and Will Not Have Any Stitches or Sutures and I Am Worried I Will Have a Raised Scar or Lump. (photo)

It is on my left cheek. I am 32 and I am in marketing and I am very concerned about how I will heal on my own if my skin will come together properly... READ MORE

5 Wks After MOHs Surgery, Severe Swelling/Clogged?

My friend had MOHs surgery about 5 weeks ago on the side of his nose. He now has severe swelling inside that nostral to the point that he says... READ MORE

The Center of Full Thickness Skin Graft Had Sloughed Off, but Margins Are Holding. Infection?

Following a Mohs procedure to remove a.4 mm melanoma, I received a full thickness skin graft. About one week after my stitches were removed, I was... READ MORE

BCC Removed Via Mohs 4-12 Years Ago. New Growth on Scar, Should I Be Worried?

In 2007 a nodular BCC removed from my cheek. Although I had twice yearly skin checks, it was overlooked by my derm and required my Mohs surgeon to do... READ MORE

Why does my jaw ear and teeth hurt after I had Mohs surgery? Also, should I be worried that my lymph node is now swollen?

I had Moh's surgery last Tuesday on my lower lip. My lower jaw, ear, and teeth ache fiercely and now my lymph node is swollen but it's on the other... READ MORE

! week post full thickness graft on my nose. Don't think it's taking. Am I worrying too much?

Had Mohs to remove a basil cell on the left side of my nose a week and a half ago. Now 1 week after a full thickness skin graft to reconstruct. It... READ MORE

I had this area frozen for actinic keratosis 5 weeks ago. I am worried still could be SCC ? (Photo)

The area is slight,y raised shiny but I hadn't noticed the last 5 weeks, does it look like squamous cell ??? Or still healing?? Please answer ASAP!... READ MORE

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