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Dermabrasion 6 Months After Nasal Flap Repair - Too Late?

I had Mohs surgery to remove BCC 8 weeks ago, on the nasal ala. It was repaired with a rhomboid flap which is still elevated by the crease. Will this... READ MORE

Do You Wear a Patch over Your Eye After Mohs of the Lower Eyelid?

I have to have Mohs surgery of my lower eye lid for BCC. I want to know when I might be able to return to work as an Ultrasound tech after this surgery? READ MORE

What is an Acceptable Wait Time for Basal Cell Cancer Treatment on Ear?

My GP referred me to dermatology for a biopsy after I pointed out a non-healing sore on top of my ear. It took a month to get in for the biospy and a... READ MORE

Can I Wait 7 Months for Mohs for 2mm Nodular BCC on Nose?

Biopsy result is 2mm nodular BCCpresent on deep and one peripheral margin. Carcinoma is composed of bland basaloid keretinocytes with peripheral... READ MORE

How long should swelling last after Mohs Surgery when it's near your eye? (photo)

I had the mohs procedure done 3 weeks ago for two bccs on the inside bridge of my nose very near the corner of my eye. I had dissolvable stitches and... READ MORE

Wait 8 Months for MOHS Surgery?

I have been diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on my scalp, the spot is about 2 by 2 cm in size, it has been their for four years, I thought at first... READ MORE

Can I Have Mohs Surgery While Pregnant?

I had a small white freckle on my nose,about 1mm,I had taken it out and got the results that its BCC. I have scheduled the Mohs surgery next week.... READ MORE

Wound Closure 10 Days After Mohs Surgery?

Hi, 50 year old male, i just had Mohs surgery performed yesterday on a basal cell carcinoma. The wound is about the size of a nickel and is on the top... READ MORE

Efudex Treatment Before or After Revision of Mohs Repair

I had Mohs surgery by a dermatologist with the repair being done by a Plastic Surgeon 7 months ago. The dermatologist is suggesting the efudex... READ MORE

I go Friday for Mohs surgery for Basil cell cancer on my left shin (leg).

I understand I cannot go swimming for two weeks. What about walking on the treadmill or yoga lessons? READ MORE

Can Mohs Surgery Be Done Immediately After a Frozen Biopsy on a Tiny Bump Under Lip if BCC is Diagnosed?

I have frequent tiny BCCs. I am confused about the difference between a standard biopsy and a Mohs biopsy. I want to have all done at one time: a... READ MORE

I have a squamous cell cancer on my cheek.....nothing shows on the outside. Is Mohs the best way to go?

My doctor wants to do the surgery right away to take advantage of the insurance coverage........Is he just pushing for the business ? How do I check... READ MORE

I Just Learned That I Have 2c Melanoma, How Soon Should I Have Surgery?

My doctor said it will be within 4 weeks, is that too long to wait? READ MORE

Massage after mohs surgery.

My mohs surgery on upper lip was 2 months ago. How many times a day should I massage and for how long a time 1 min, 2 min etc. READ MORE

Can I wait until November (3 mo) to have Mohs done?

On 8/4/11 I received a Pathology Report which stated; SKIN LESION RIGHT MEDIAL MALAR CHEEK: SMALL MODULAR BASAL CELL CARCINOMA. Comments; Nests and... READ MORE

Ok to Wait 48hrs Between Mohs for a BCC on my Eyelid and Reconstructive Surgery?

Due to scheduling, I have my Mohs procedure scheduled on a Wed at 2PM with reconstructive surgery scheduled the following Friday at 11am (almost 48... READ MORE

How long after finding squamous on my nose can I wait to have surgery?

I'm having MOHS surgery on 7/10 but found out on 5/22 for squamous on side of nose Is that too late? They have nothing sooner. READ MORE

How quickly should basal cell carcinoma be removed?

How long after diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma would a doctor recommend removing it? I am aware that basal cell carcinoma is very common and there... READ MORE

Please, Wait Time Between Diagnosis of Melanoma and Surgury?

Clipping on 11th of month diagnosis of melanoma on head hairline fingernail size, Mohs surgery scheduled 4th of following month. Too long? READ MORE

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