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Question about internal sutures after MOHS surgery? (photo)

It has been about two months and my surgery site was looking great. I noticed what looked like a scab that didn't go away. Then it started protruding... READ MORE

Do I worry about stitch left in incision?

I had the Moh's surgery on area under my nose. My primary doctor took out my stitches and I have noticed a dark stitch is still in the incision site.... READ MORE

How effective is the use of paper tape in wound healing after Mohs surgery on the forehead?

I had Mohs surgery on my forehead on Friday and had brown tape glued over the sutures. I've been advised that no further wound care is required... READ MORE

I had a botched mohs. I'm looking for a revision. Any suggestions? (photo)

5 months out, clear damage done.Asked original mohs surgeon but he keeps saying he did nothing to eye(not true).Occuplastic surgeon suggested when he... READ MORE

Lump above incision postoperative day 1 Mohs? (Photos)

I had Mohs surgery two days ago to remove a small nodular BCC. I think I overheard the surgeon say the final defect was 7 mm x 5 mm. It took one stage... READ MORE

Dark spot on suture line 3 weeks post Mohs. Any way to make it look better quicker? (Photo)

I had Mohs three weeks ago for bcc. My nose has been really red around the sutures since then. I have used mupirocin several times a day. Yesterday a... READ MORE

Healing by Linear Sutures or Secondary Intention?

I will undergo Mohs for a melanoma (Type 0.38) on 2/19/2015. The surgeon has given me two options: a linear sutured closure or healing by secondary... READ MORE

Letting MOHS surgery site heal on its own?

I'm an adult male in my early 40s and relatively healthy. I just had MOHS surgery on the area just above my nose, in between my two eyes. The excised... READ MORE

Is my Mohs wound healing properly or should I be concerned? How much longer can it take to fully heal? (photo)

Three months ago I had Mohs surgery for SCC. They "bored out" a 3/8" diameter hole, and since it was on the top of my head they said it would have to... READ MORE

Persistent headache after Mohs surgery on nose.

It's been a three days since Mohs surgery on my left side of the nose. They did not do a skin graph, but closed the would with sutures, I'd say it's... READ MORE

I had a basal cell carcinoma removed - suture removal scheduled at 2weeks

Isn't this too long for sutures to remain - been 8 days now - fear scarring READ MORE

I had a basal carcinoma removed from my forehead some sutures popped open a week after surgery

So my wound is open and still healing 3 months post-op.Its getting smaller and smaller and looks great,Ive kept it covered with KALTOSTAT dressing... READ MORE

Bio oil for massage and what to do about scars and suture spitting 5 weeks after mohs on nose (bilobed flap)?

I used vaseline but it clogged pores/caused pimples. I use bio oil instead, but got pimples which could be result of suture spitting. My scars are... READ MORE

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